Dressed for work – decorated for her lover.

You know she only wears stockings like this on days she’s meeting her lover after work so that was all the notice you needed that she would be home a bit late tonight.

Your erection was all the response she needed.

When he took this picture, during lunch, her panties were already gone and will only be slipped back on for her drive home tonight – to keep him from spilling out of her onto the seat of her car.

No one in the office knows her sex is bare for him this afternoon but them – and you. Enjoy, cuckold.

Affairs between wives and their bosses have been around as long as women have been working. With countless hours spent together and a natural Dominant/submissive relationship created by their roles at work being present, wives feel a certain impulse to ‘give in’. Be supportive –  in this litigious age, her boss is taking just as much risk as you two are by having your wife become his girlfriend.