My name is Francine and my husband is Mark. Both of us recently turned thirty. Shortly after Mark and I graduated from college we went to work in sales for different companies in Tampa, Florida. A mutual friend introduced us and we hit it off immediately, two years from our first date we married.

Mark was different than most of the guys I met in college. He was kind, respectful and he always had manners. Mark also did not try and sleep with me right away. Most of the jerks in college did, they were either jock types or frat boys. In fact, after we met, Mark and I did not do anything sexually for 3 weeks. I finally gave him a blowjob and two weeks later we went all the way. 

I had not been with many guys and compared to the drunken college and high school two minute boys Mark was a great lover. Mark is not huge, only five inches hard but is a very attentive lover and gives great oral sex. Our sex life was fine for first five years of our marriage and then we both got busy in our careers. We got promotions and our sex life kind of got stale during that time in our lives.

During this period I began to find porno and cuckold websites on our computer. At first I felt like there was something wrong with me that Mark would have to resort to porno. I wasn’t sure what to do, whether to confront Mark or let it go. The more I thought about it the more curious I got but still remained quiet. 

My curiosity peaked when I saw the type of porno Mark enjoyed. Some were men with very large cocks screwing women while the husband sat helpless with his hands tied behind his back or in chastity devices. Others would go out on dates or meet for lunch and then have passionate affairs while the husband would sit at home yearning for his wife and waiting for her to tell him how hot her date was. I could have never imagined Mark watching men with much larger cocks fucking these women or even having him watch me with another man. The websites are what really stirred my interests. I checked the history in the browser and Mark was visiting hot wife and cuckold sites almost daily for the past year. 

I was shocked at first but then I wondered if Mark thought about me having sex with other men. For some odd reason the thought turned me on. Mark had always been controlling in the relationship in subtle ways such as with money and when making major decisions. I guess deep down I was a little resentful. I made more money then Mark but I never asserted myself because of my upbringing. Watching my mom for all those years deferring to my dad had an impression on me. 

The whole thing started to perplex me as I began to notice Mark being more submissive in bed. The more I asserted myself in bed the more he seemed to like it. I had never been aggressive sexually but I enjoyed my new sense of power over my husband. One night in bed while we were playing I startled Mark when I said “what’s was a hot wife?” He tried to be coy about it and say he didn’t know but I told him I found the sites on the Internet that he was looking at.

He actually blushed when I approached the subject the following night and he confessed it was quite the turn on. I think he thought I was trying to trick him at first because he was hesitant. I asked him if he ever thought about me being a hot wife. He fumbled for words, said no, so I kind of sulked and said, “That’s too bad because the thought turns me on”. 

He blurted out, “are you serious, would you ever do such a thing Francine?” 

I told him I didn’t think I could in real life but the fantasy seemed exciting. At that time I didn’t know where this was going but I did want to spice up our sex life by letting Mark know it was ok to have fantasies. I just wanted to share in them with him. 

He asked me how long had I known about his porn and I told him for about a month now. Mark wanted to know if I was disappointed in him. For some reason his sincerity made me feel very close to him at that moment. I bent over and kissed him softly. I told him I was happy that he was looking at porn instead of other women. I just wished he would have told me sooner. 

So, from that moment on we began communicating again and it hasn’t stopped since. I had never really talked about sex with anyone in my life except for a few girlfriends. Talking about it with my husband was very intimate. That night we watched one of the movies and had wild sex for the longest time. 

Slowly over the next six months the hot wife and cuckolding themes became part of our sex play. I must admit I started feeling sexier with Mark’s encouragement buying new outfits and dressing much sexier when we went out. I basically threw out all my old plain underwear and purchased very tiny, shear and lacey panties along with half-cup bras showing off my 36c breasts even more. Even when I wore business suits to work I replaced pantyhose with garter belts and stockings underneath them. Mark became much more attentive and it seemed he was always in the bedroom when I got dressed or undressed watching my every move.

This is when I began to notice other men watching me and flirting with me. I even embellished a few stories about my past in bed with Mark. I really was not very sexually experienced and the biggest guy I ever had was probably around seven inches. I told Mark he was hung like a horse and it only seemed to excite him more hearing about it. I had my doubts though that this would ever move beyond fantasy. It went against the grain of everything I had ever been taught about marriage, but still it was the most exciting six months sexually of our marriage.

Still Mark and I made the agreement to how we should proceed if my urges ever developed. We agreed on basically four things. First I told him I would occasionally test him and make him prove that he can handle his fantasy. I told him when we’re out I might flirt with other men or even have lunch or dinner with a guy I’m attracted too. Second, I will never hold back even if I think it will make him jealous. Third, if I do have sex with another man when I return home I’ll describe in detail what we did and he must eagerly listen (Mark explicitly wanted this in the agreement). Finally, he can date no one and must stay home when I’m out. Well as most women would agree I couldn’t believe my husband would submit to all of this. In the back of our minds I believed both of us thought this would happen only in our little fantasy world.

Then one day I had lunch scheduled with Jack, a client from out of town. That’s when I thought this might be something I could bring up and see if Mark was really serious. I had not seen him in over a year and remembered how good looking he was. The last time he was in town he tried to flirt with me but I kept the conversation very business like. I found myself that morning dressing very sexy, not in my usual conservative business suit but in a black pin striped, tight pencil skirt, dark lavender silk blouse and 4″ black high heeled pumps. I wore my sexiest black lace underwear underneath, all lace panty, garter belt, black shear stockings and a half-cup bra. The skirt was knee length and tight while my blouse was buttoned to the top for the office. 

Mark quickly noticed my attire. 

“Isn’t that skirt awfully tight for the workplace?” Mark told me cautiously.

I smiled as Mark glanced my way “Sweetie I’m having lunch with a very handsome gentleman so I want to be at my best.”

Mark’s eyes just lit up and he began to get excited which only aroused me. That morning at breakfast the level of emotion went to new heights between him and me. I teased him badly strutting around our with my heels clicking on our ceramic kitchen floor. I purposely bend over in front of Mark showing him how hot my cute bottom looked in my tight skirt. Mark always complimented me on how sexy my legs and ass looked, especially from behind. The teasing continued until I finally was ready to leave for the office. I hinted I might do more than just flirt with my gentleman associate, knowing in the back of my mind it probably wouldn’t be the case. 

“Do whatever your little heart desires” Mark encouraged referring to my lunch date.

Surprised but not shocked at his remark I left the house saying, “Are you sure, you never know what might happen?”

I kissed my husband goodbye and walked out the door.

Needless to say Jack, my lunch date noticed my new appearance and was all over me from the beginning (I loosened the three top buttons on my blouse before meeting him). This time I did not push him away. It was the strangest feeling to be with another man knowing my husband wanted me too. It was exhilarating sitting there flirting with Jack and I felt so free. Jack began to touch my hand as we chatted and eventually he asked me to go back to his hotel with him. For some reason I picked up my cell phone and called Mark. 

“Hi sweetie, sorry to bother you but I have an important question to ask you, I have this handsome gentleman I met for lunch and now he wants to take me back to his hotel room.” Jack gazed at me with a look of astonishment and surprise.

Mark was flabbergasted, fumbling for words on the other end finally answering my question.

“You should do whatever you desire” my loving husband told me meekly.

I was not going to let him off the hook that easy. 

“Tell me yes or no cuckyboy, do you want your wife to go to this man’s hotel room. Well, is your answer yes or no?” 

Then Mark quickly responded saying, “Yes please, Mistress”. 

I should note that Mark had taken to calling me Mistress in our little games that we played. 

I quickly said, “Very well then,cuckyboy, I will call when I am done” and quickly hung up the phone. I then gave Jack my sexiest smile putting my arm in his as the cab drove away.

Jack did not believe me at first that I actually called my husband; to tell the truth I couldn’t believe I had done it, it must have been the martinis. I explained it all to him in the cab on the way to the hotel. Jack being the perfect gentleman that he was listened intently and noticed I was a bit nervous; but the two martinis I had at earlier helped me explain. I confessed that Mark and I had been having great sex since we started to role play these little scenes. Now, fully aware this particular scene was actually going to play out!

Once we got into the room Jack immediately became very amorous. His first kiss on my lips felt strange but as we got into more passionate kissing my tentativeness eased and as I put my arms around his neck our tongues met for the first time. Jack was a great kisser. I was turned on by him right down to the wetness in my panties. He was gentle but at the same moment in total control of things.

He walked over and partially closed the drapes with just the smallest afternoon sunlight entering his suite. I slowly backed away and undid the buttons on my blouse to reveal my black lace bra. As if Jack knew my thoughts he motioned for me to turn unzipping the back of my skirt and slowly pulled it down revealing my black lace thong panties and stocking clad legs.

“Mmmmmmm” came from Jack’s mouth as I could feel his hot breathe on the back of my almost bare bottom, “I do love a woman who wears stockings, so, so very sexy!” 

I turned and placed one hand on my leg and cocked my hips, “Liking the view Jack?”

“I also noticed you’re wearing your panties over your garters, much easier access.”

“Well you know what they say, good girls wear their panties underneath their garter belt, and girl’s that are good always wearing them over their garter belt!” Giggling as I said it.

As I walked over to Jack I noticeably saw that the crotch of his pants tenting so I rubbed him and felt his girth. 

“Nice package.” I smiled backing away to take a better look.

“Thank you, its all because of you Francine” Jack said.

Jack took my hand and walked me to the bed. We looked at each other and hugged, then a soft kiss followed all the while Jack’s hands were touching my bra clad bosoms. Then with one quick tug with his nimble fingers the back hook of my bra released my already hardened tits.

“I think every guy takes lessons on how quickly they can remove a girl’s bra from them!” I kiddingly said. 

Jack quickly got up and removed his pants, socks and shorts and slid my moist panties down my legs. 

“Nice pussy” Jack told me as I could feel myself blush. “Trimmed too I see, nice for licking.” 

With that I melted into his arms.

I looked down and felt Jack’s cock, I wasn’t disappointed. It was at least two inches bigger than my husbands and much thicker. I guess now when I tell Mark I’ve had a big one I won’t be a liar.

It didn’t take long for his warm mouth to surround my nipples and gently suck on my areolas much to my delight. I was totally taken by this man and wanted him to make love to me soon. Our kissing became more passionate and sensual. I was in heaven, was this really happening? I was about to fuck another man and had my husbands permission!

“Do you want me to take off my stockings and heels?” I softly whispered in his ear.

“No, I prefer they stay right where they belong, on your gorgeous, shapely legs.” He smiled.

“Your the boss darling” now placing my legs around his now bare body.

Then with one calculated move he took charge and moved down my body slowly kissing my tummy then tonguing my belly button and finally down to my vagina. I moaned softly as his tongue licked my outer pussy lips. Then a thought struck me, another man is eating me out! I could feel the electricity flowing through my body as his tongue danced over my vulva and entered my wet pussy. I wondered what Mark was doing at that very moment knowing full well he was thinking of his wife being fucked by another man. 

“Oh, Jack you feel so damned good, keep licking my pussy!” I moaned.

Why was another man driving me this crazy? Then as if I was not satisfied enough, Jack put his mouth on my pussy sticking his tongue inside me and gave me a hum job in which no vibrator could match. I jumped, rolled my eyes back as my body quivered with excitement.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum, eat me!” I shouted. With that my body went into spasm as I violently came hard. Jack kept tonguing my wet pussy and lapping up my juices until I couldn’t take it. My husband was good but this guy took me to another level I’ve never experienced before.

After coming down from my high Jack took me in his arms and we cuddled and kissed for a few short minutes before giving me what I really wanted, his big cock! When I looked up at Jack he seemed cuter than ever and I took that moment to kiss him deeply as I could feel his hardness brush against my pussy. His cock felt wonderful as he entered me for the first time. I was nervous but once I relaxed I had never wanted to be fucked so badly in my life. I started to think about all the fantasizing that Mark and I had done about other men with big cocks fucking me and here I was with a handsome, sexy man and he felt so good. When he finally fucked me I thought I was going to split in two.

“Jack, fuck this girl’s pussy, fuck me hard with that big cock of yours!” I shouted not caring if anyone could hear me. Again my body shook; I came harder than my first time as Jack hovered over me smiling at my climax. My god doesn’t this guy think I’m sexy, he still hadn’t cum yet and I already had twice!

“Was it good for you Francine?” Jack said.

“Oh god, what do you think?” I panted. “But now it’s my turn to do the pleasing.”

It now became a challenge because I immediately went down on him and sucked him off until he blew his hot load into my mouth. I love oral and Mark knows how I love to swallow so it wasn’t any surprise that I loved Jack’s cum. When I saw the gleam in Jack’s eyes I knew I accomplished what I wanted, he looked pleased. We both dropped to the bed collapsing in each others arms smiling.

All in all Jack fucked me three times that afternoon. I called Mark in between times and he was a mess emotionally but very excited. He told me later that he was very jealous but was so excited he went to the office bathroom to masturbate. 

I finally left the hotel around seven o’clock leaving my panties behind as Jack’s souvenir. When I came through the door Mark was waiting like a puppy dog eager to climb on my lap. When he kissed me I had never felt so much passion from this man before. He was like an animal mauling me, wanting me, his desire was overwhelming. The emotional whirlwind had started that morning and it was reaching a new level this evening. That night I felt so close to Mark and it took fucking another man, strange but true.

I had always been like every other little girl and grew up with the prince charming fantasy but I never found him until I cuckolded my hubby. I found my prince by doing the opposite of everything I was taught to do. Mark is all mine today and I love him more then ever. Before the cuckolding I really could not say I had every bit of Mark, but today I have no doubts. As they say when your husband eats another man’s cum from your pussy then he is truly all yours. 

I love it when Jack comes to town because Mark becomes very attentive when he hears I’ve made a date with him. Mark always buys me a new outfit for the occasion and helps me dress sexy for Jack. The sex is wonderful and I am more in love today with Mark than I was six months ago. Cuckolding your husband is not for every couple but it seems to work for Mark and me.

Since that first rendezvous, Jack and I have been together many times usually every three to four weeks. We meet at his hotel and have a very intimate dinner before retiring to his suite for great sex. I now spend the night with him while my submissive husband is ordered to stay home. I still call Mark every time after Jack fucks me telling him how wonderful it was. His moaning over the phone tells me he’s masturbating and makes it all the more sensual and sexy. When I do get home from a night of passion with Jack, Mark is again the loving husband I married.

Jack has been my only lover since the day I started cuckolding Mark. Although Jack pleases me totally I love my husband even though he’s not the biggest down where it counts. He’s a good lover, gives me the best oral sex a girl could ever want and treats me right. I love the submissive side of him as much as he loves me cuckolding him, yes girls fantasies can come true!

Well, I have to run, my cell phone just rang and Jack’s name has appeared.