For those of you who read this when I first posted it, you likely wondered what was going on since the answer didn’t seem to match the question – my bad. I confused this question with another, so, let me answer this one appropriately:

If your wife wears an anklet and knows what it means – how have you not had ‘the talk’?

My guess is she doesn’t really know why you gave her that anklet and what it really means. Before I can advise you on how to proceed, I would need to know a lot more about her.

  • is she a natural flirt or is she introverted?
  • if you asked her to dress a bit sexy to go out, would she?
  • have you ever talked about her past sexual experiences?
Without being able to more openly communicate about sexual matters in general, taking the discussion in a particular direction is difficult.
If nothing else, you can always share my PDF introduction to the marital role of Hotwife with her. You can download that from here: http://cuckoldmarriage.info/2011/10/download-hotwife-introduction/
Good luck!