The moment no cuckold ever forgets witnessing for the first time.

Her boyfriend’s cock erect and pressed to her offered sex; she’s both anxious and excited knowing her cuckold watches.

Her husband has been denied all week so that she would be eager for her boyfriend’s cock – at least that’s what her boyfriend told her to tell her husband. It was true, in part, but it was also a test for the young couple –  a test of their commitment to his role in their marriage.

Wife and boyfriend are one.

Her expression and the need to brace herself against her boyfriend’s thighs give away the intensity of feeling herself yield to his cock.

For the next hour, perhaps more, this young woman’s cuckold will come to understand why he allowed himself to be denied all week in trade for the option to be witness to their intimacy. Now, despite himself, he’ll be as hooked as she is and their newly minted Dom will have reign to make further adjustments beneficial to them both moving forward into the lifestyle.

Many exciting and trying events are yet to come, but this one will never be forgotten.