Today is THE Day!

I have finally made the commitment today to be a full-fledged cuck for my wife. I have decided to get rid of all jealousy and insecurities lingering in my mind to allow my wife full access to who she is, as a beautiful, deserving, loving, sensuous woman.

I began this blog to keep a record of my journey on this road to cuckoldry, by sharing my experiences of how cuckoldry changed my life, by redefining who I am today and who I am about to become.

What took so long? For the last seven years I let jealous feelings get in the way. On one hand, I enjoyed and reveled in her return after her hot and heavy sex sessions with her lovers, cleaning up her precious love box with soft, gentle tongue lashings, but on the other hand I would complain to her about her behavior and make her feel guilty and bad about what she had done. I was not able to let her ‘DO HER THING’ without bitching and moaning about it because I had always felt that SHE had the better deal (That DEAL being…..Her ability to Fuck anyone she wanted to….yet I could not) It is NOT that I wanted to be with other women (because I DID NOT) it was just the jealousy that I did not have an opportunity to even do it.

Well, I told her this morning that after observing her behavior over the last couple of days job hunting, I became aware of her positive attitude, self-confidence, professional attitude and free spirit. It was enlightening to me because I had never seen this side of her, all the years that we have been together (24 years). This ‘new woman’ was exciting, refreshing, smart and sexy, and there was no way that I was going to hold her back from everything she could become. Therefore the change of heart on my part, to become her full-time cuck to serve her every need.

I intended to begin this blog to keep a diary of what has transpired over the last seven year, to document how we got to where we are presently, but TODAY is sooooo significant that I am placing THIS BLOG (Jumping Ahead…….Fast Forward 7/12/11) to let the world know that TODAY WAS MY DAY OF COMMITMENT to my wife. I will try to continue my blog in chronological order of how the events of each year unfolded, but TODAY was a VERY important day for me.