Sexy little MiauMiau has a boyfriend!

missing only a collar

who can forget this lovely little sex doll?

After a couple false starts, her cuckold has now reported that they’ve found a very compatible guy who has the thick cock she deserves and the attitude suitable for inclusion into their marriage and lifestyle.

If you recall from the post where I first introduced them, they are geographically separated much of the time yet A makes an effort to directly include her cuckold through direct communication and often discusses his ideas for the cuckold’s role with MiauMiau when they are together.

I love the way she smiles when talking about his cock and she feels very horny ’cause he’s got some tattoos and is a very muscular guy. He calls her his girlfriend and pet and always sends me messages about that.

This is exactly how a boyfriend should fit into a couple’s relationship.

shaved for A

shaved for A

I’m sure you cuckolds and even aspiring cuckolds can appreciate how her cuckold felt when he received this photo she took of herself after having shaved herself soft and bare at A’s direction. Speaking as a Dom I will tell you that having the influence to cause such modifications in a woman we date is positively intoxicating.

He keeps traveling between Paris and London, and that’s nice because my wife is kinda busy with school and family affairs. But next time I’m in Paris —end of april— they’re planning to have a romantic dinner with me as a waiter. And I think we will go, the three of us, to Le Sexodrome to buy my chastity cage, which I find rather enticing. It’s my birthday gift!

I think the snug embrace of chastity while knowing A is enjoying the snug embrace of her sex will be very intense, don’t you?

The take-away from this post, other than enjoying it at face value, is that when a couple commits to their boyfriend and he commits to them, everyone benefits.

A and his pet

A and his pet

They make a sexy couple, don’t they?I think we’ll be seeing more of them both around here in the months to come and I, for one, look forward to it. Congratulations to all three of you.