For anyone who didn’t read the verification post for my pets, it might be good to get caught up first.

My pet L had her second date with her new bull on Saturday (two days ago from this post). L had already seen and even touched her bull’s cock and based on her excitement over getting to have it I knew there was no reason to make the choice for her as it was already made: she was to be fucked. I did tell her to spend some time pleasuring his cock in her mouth however as that is something he’ll not only enjoy but perceive as a submissive offering.

Departure Ritual

Before leaving on this date, I did have our boy, R, help prepare my L for her date. This was to include helping her bathe and of course, being responsible for ensuring she is soft and smooth everywhere she’s supposed to be. This was a service to her that I assigned him though one he was eager to have.

It was R’s responsibility to ensure she was dressed properly for her date and while I might prefer more of her soft skin be showing, I can’t argue that she didn’t look enticing in this dress. L reported that R remained erect for her the entire time she got ready which is always what I like to hear, but he was not allowed to keep that erection. Before departing, my L was told to take away his erection and lock away his penis to prevent any masturbation. While I prefer self-control, I knew there was little chance he’d have enough to not spoil his appetite.

I taught her a new ritual before she leaves on her date: L checks his chastity to ensure it is secure then had him kneel there by the door, lift her dress, and help her out of her panties. R was then allowed a kiss goodbye where she was then bare. I know, evil, right?

The Date

S was mildly assertive from the start of the date, holding her and kissing her as if he were already her boyfriend. He rested a hand on her thigh and communicated all the right things to encourage my pet to say yes when invited to his place.

L was actually quite eager to have his cock in her mouth but once she got access to it and began to pleasure it and enjoy the feeling of it growing to full erection for her, he was was eager to be inside her instead. When I asked her if he fucked her to orgasm – made her orgasm with his cock, her reply was, “Yes, multiple times…”.

Multiple times. I’m pretty sure it’s been a long, long time since my pet had the pleasure of a cock-induced orgasm. When they showered before coming home to her boy, he fucked her again. I’m not sure whether she had another orgasm but she gave him one, so that’s being a good girl.

While it was her bull’s cock that induced each orgasm, our boy R is responsible for them. As her supportive boy, she was in a position to open herself fully to the pleasure another male had to offer and she did. And she will again.

Painful Decisions

I was speaking to our boy during the end of her date and I told him he had a choice to make once she got home. I’d been feeding him a steady diet of mostly ruined orgasms over the week and in combination with his chastity for her date, his balls were aching and our boy was desperate for relief. The choice, I told him to make was either getting a full orgasm from her that night or – to receive nothing but freedom for his erection and to wait until the next day for the sex I promised him.

I fully expected him to take the full orgasm and waive his opportunity to be inside her again due to his frustration and gave him some time to consider. Once she arrived home, I made him choose. He chose to wait! What a good boy! Because he made the hard choice, I let my pet give him a ruined orgasm that night and allowed him to keep the sex I’d promised him with her on Sunday.

The Reward

Of course this would be cuckold sex, not husband or boyfriend sex. I set some boundaries and rules for this with my pet to be sure he only experienced the pussy that is now under my control as I wanted him to experience it.

  1. position: cowgirl – our boy on his back, hands at his sides
  2. no use of his hands at all unless she’d been fucked to at least two orgasms
  3. two or more cock-induced orgasms entitled him to touching her breasts while inside her
  4. she was to guide him inside and remain seated on him (I promised him I’d let him inside her again after she’d been fucked for me and this satisfies that promise)
  5. she can tease him verbally but cannot move
  6. he has 5 minutes to come without her moving and if he can, he can come inside my pet
  7. if he fails to spurt within 5 minutes, she can bring him to orgasm, but he’ll spurt on his belly like a good boy and waste his seed for us

Just adding this for reference so everyone can appreciate the position I put him in. I still think anyone would want that opportunity even with the conditions I put on it.

While this is her first new cock, it’s unlikely to be her last new cock. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out with him. Some guys are pretty short-sighted and are happy with the one and done, but I can’t imagine anyone being satisfied with fucking this fuckpet only once or even twice.

Should he continue being interested in access to the pleasure my pet can provide him, I will start coaching fuckpet on how to manage up and guide him toward a boyfriend role and get him so hooked on what she offers that he’ll not reflexively reject what is offered when he learns she’s not single. This will likely mean I continue making her available to him for the next few weeks.

Be a good girl for us, L.

Update 9/20/19

As I explain above, there were some specific rules around how our boy was allowed to use his toy (penis) inside my fuckpet. In fact, if her date hadn’t fucked her to orgasm at least twice he wasn’t even allowed to touch her.

He could definitely touch her based on the orgasms she had on that cock. What he couldn’t do is move, thrust; all he could do is sit there with all that fucking hotness on him, around him – and listen to her whisper to him about what a good girl she’d been for me. He had five minutes in which to achieve orgasm this way and if he could…he got to come in my fuckpet.

This was after about four hours with his toy kept locked away in chastity while she was dating and well over a week without being allowed inside her – I thought he might pull it off.

The good news for our boy is when asked his numbers (anxiety, frustration, excitement) he told us 0,0,10 today, so naturally after having him crawl under the table to lick her while fuckpet and I chatted I told her he’d be edged and left hanging tonight. L sees her bull at the gym again tomorrow and I do believe it’ll be another fucking for my girl after that.

I’m certain this won’t be the only cock she experiences while under my ownership, but it’ll keep her exercised for the next few weeks at least. Most likely 2-3x a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays after the gym and I’d like them to date on Saturdays.

I’m still considering when our boy gets to use his penis for something other than making her hand or his own belly messy.

Update 10/12/19

Sadly, it’s been a good week since I’ve heard from them which likely means he used their safe word – terminating all play. Having gone this far, it’s likely to haunt him as his excitement was apparent and his need for this as well as hers isn’t going to go away.

I hope to hear from them soon…

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