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Sometimes a unicorn comes along and if you sit patiently, quietly, poised to embrace the unicorn’s arrival, magic can happen. This magic is the sort where three people who are relative strangers click. Even though I speak to dozens of new couples a month, I only see unicorns every five or so years.

L (my good girl) and R (my good boy) have been actively fantasizing about her being shared for some time now but hadn’t progressed much beyond flirting. Why? Both are submissives. This isn’t uncommon, but what is uncommon is just how qualified L is as cock bait.

How does a straight male not feel an urge to be inside her? Being a responsible Dom and cuckolding evangelist I knew I needed to ensure L gets fucked by someone not R. I know, rough job, but we all have our part to play.

They had been reading the site content for some time when L contacted me for verification and knew exactly what I encourage, what I expect, and generally how I’ve trained couples online previously. The more L and I spoke the more ‘check boxes’ I began to tick off. This was a couple who needed and wanted my help and had all the qualities to succeed.

Unicorn achievement unlocked.

But was this unicorn couple really ready for the place they knew I would take them? Within a couple days of starting to talk a lot, my girl L went to work for the first time without a bra. She even apologized that it wasn’t very obvious, but let’s be honest – we all know she’s noticed and we all know some of the men noted how they moved and the hint of erect nipples at times. We had barely begun our relationship, yet she was already making me proud of her.

Our boy was also tested. In my talks with L it was clear that they had long practiced forms of intimacy in addition to traditional intercourse. In fact, intercourse wasn’t their primary form of intimacy, but L was always quick to insist that she was quite satisfied with their sex life. This was despite not getting to enjoy orgasms via intercourse.

You see where this is going, right?

So it shouldn’t be much of a change then to direct their intimacy to be enjoyed in ways other than intercourse until she has cuckolded him, right? Well that was before he told me one of his favorite articles I’d written was Erotic At Home.

This is what his penis struggles with every day at home now when his only relief is her hand. I have to say he’s been a very good boy about having his penis demoted to be her toy and his tongue being named as his sex organ instead. In exchange, he’s entitled to a ruined orgasm daily as long as he’s been a good boy. He did try to penetrate her with his fingers and she appropriately denied him relief that night. I was very proud of her. On the fourth day, he’s entitled a full orgasm but I sometimes grant them sooner when he’s been an exceptionally good boy for us. I have assured him he’ll get to be inside her again once someone else knows the pleasure her body provides.

I’m sure someone is curious about the lack of a ring or rings on the wedding ring finger (either hand since it can vary) but that’s because this is a committed couple, not a married one. Appearing single it may be convenient to let her new bull fuck her a few times before I start coaching her on letting him know she’s not single, but definitely available.


I think the only thing that excites L more than teasing and ruining her boy’s orgasms was being told I would be making her sexual decisions for her. Submission is freedom – something her aspiring cuckold is already learning.

While I knew my role would certainly hasten the timeline for her to start dating, none of us predicted just how fast it would become possible. As I write this there is a very high change she’ll have her first date tomorrow. I have a very strict set of rules and expectations for first dates that have been shared with L and she is eager to prove herself. Before becoming my girl this way she avoided evenings at the gym because of the meat market atmosphere, but I’ve now put her on a high protein diet.

This was taken at the gym and show why she would have her pick of the cock present. She caught the eye of a younger male and if this view of her wasn’t enough, she casually displayed her nude form to him in the sauna. Probably a little more free with showing her body than is traditional, but what better way to encourage his interest? Apparently the attraction was mutual because he made sure to return the favor by casually allowing his cock to be viewed.

Ah, gotta love European courtship!

I expect him to ask her out tomorrow after the gym/sauna where they will show off to each other again. I’ve prepared her for this and told her if he doesn’t ask to see her after the gym she will ask him. She very much wants to experience that cock she saw, so there is no point in playing games. If she has this date, she’ll come home to our boy able to tell him how her date is at kissing and even what his cock felt like in her hand, but she’ll not allow him her sex.

If their courting does result in a date tomorrow, and another date set for the weekend, I will decide if she’s to be fucked or not and at this point I have no reason to keep him from enjoying her fully.

More to come…literally…

Update 9/26/19 – First Date

As expected, L followed her instructions perfectly after S, we’ll call him, made it clear as soon as he saw L at the gym, that he wanted to have some…sauna time… with her.

Initially alone in the sauna, L and S displayed themselves to each other quite openly and enjoyed visual foreplay being more and more overt about what was happening. Once someone joined them, they left. After the gym, they opted for a meal at a pub where things got very friendly and my L first offered S access between her thighs. S wanted very much to take her home and honestly, L wanted to go, but she did not. As instructed she returned home to our boy and told him about excited cock she’d held in her hand and how she had opened her legs for someone else.

She spent a long time sharing her experience with her boy while riding his face and then spent more time edging him before the excitement of edging her boy’s toy while telling him of her date caught up to her and she needed another orgasm on his tongue.

Our boy’s orgasm was ruined since he hasn’t had enough ruined to earn his full orgasm yet and I didn’t grant him an exception.

Next: I instructed my pet to not wait for him to text her – that’s what a single girl does – she’s not single and she’s not who she used to be. I’ve told her to seek a date this Saturday and told her:

Don’t play hard to get, be hard to forget.

Being available for him will literally be her responsibility if she becomes his girlfriend so I have to break her of the habits of the girl she used to be and reform her as the girl they both know she needs to be.


The is the sort of perfectly feminine belly that makes me think about giving her a baby.

To his credit, our boy behaved himself and distracted himself with work so he wouldn’t be anxious or tempted to cheat while she was dating. I still don’t think it would be fair to leave his penis free this Saturday when she dates because the need to masturbate himself will be too strong to resist and knowing that and not restraining his penis would be my fault for allowing him to fail.

My next update will be in a new article…

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