Well for those of you who we have chatted to, you will know that the last 2 years has certainly changed in magnitude for us. Some newer cuckold couples and some curious ones are quite daunted when they hear the speed of how things changed with us.

I just wanted to clarify that Cuckolding is unique in every situation, and just because it moved fast for us in the last 2 years it doesn’t mean it has to do that with whatever situation you have going on.

In total now we have been involved in this lifestyle close to 8 years. We decided that after a few cliche meets that we would prefer to go down the route of dating rather than purely sex meets. Remember this was our choice, make whatever feels comfortable for both of you your choice.DSC03511 copy


For us we have found happiness within this cuckolding world via a long term partner. People ask am I worried, no i am not worried. Linda feels special all the time and has two men showing her love affection and happiness. For us this is what cuckolding is for us.



For you, your path may of been found or you are still discovering, whatever if may be remember it’s about your happiness


Happy Cuckolding


J and L