Hi Everyone,

Since this is my first blog I’ll start by introducing myself.   My name is Toni a 37 year old wife living in Florida married to my husband Tom, 49 for 17 mostly happy years.   After role playing and fantasizing  for the longest time we decided it was time for the real thing.  Our reasons are many and I won’t go into them too deep except to say I wasn’t being pleased in the manner a wife should in our marriage bed. 

With some trepidation I met a man I wanted to date and maybe eventually sleep with.  He was everything a girl could want; successful, handsome and charming.  Our first meeting I felt an instant connection.  Tom agreed and noticed how we hit it off.  As my lips touched his for the first time a tingle came over my entire body, we actually made out like high school kids and it was wonderful.   It was time for me to dive into the world of cuckoldry.

Our date went as scheduled.  Tune in next time to see what happened!