Continued exposure to the semen of the wife’s mate is essential for a successful and more healthy pregnancy!

Of course we all realize in the cuckolding lifestyle that a wife’s mate may not always be her husband. Perhaps he was for their first child, but now, it is her bull or Dom who has successfully inseminated her and has therefore taken the title of ‘mate’ in addition to lover.

Research indicates that oral sex may not only help a woman conceive but may make her pregnancy safer and more successful.

The Australian study found that semen contains a growth factor which helps persuade a mother’s immune system to accept sperm.

It claims to have found evidence that regular exposure before pregnancy, especially by mouth, helps her immune system get used to her partner’s sperm.

via Ananova – Oral sex makes pregnancies safer and more successful – study.

The details of the report go on to specify that all exposure to the father’s semen  is beneficial, but especially beneficial when her mate’s semen is swallowed.

[pullquote_left]New Scientist reports that Professor Dekker compared 41 pregnant women with pre-eclampsia, a condition where the mother’s blood pressure soars during pregnancy, and 44 without.

He found 82% of those without the condition practised fellatio – only 44% of those with it did.

He says the protective effect was strongest if the woman swallowed the semen.[/pullquote_left]

For those couples who have decided to become pregnant by their bull or Dom, it’s now imperative that the wife be properly prepared to receive her soon-to-be mate’s sperm by regularly swallowing his seed to acclimate her body to his genetic material.

Disorders during pregnancy often stem from the battle between the immune system and the foetus as a ‘foreign body’.

Many of its ‘foreign’ proteins come courtesy of the father’s genes so if the mother is regularly exposed to them her body is more likely to accept them.

Professor Gustaaf Dekker, from the University of Adelaide, said: “If there’s repeated exposure to that signal then eventually when the woman conceives, her cells will say, ‘we know that guy, he’s been around a long time, we’ll allow the pregnancy to continue.”

For couples who want a child together and have chosen to offer their bull or Dom the ultimate confirmation of the lifestyle by offering her fertile womb for his seed, preparations for insemination must begin at least four months in advance of the planned impregnation. Regular exposure to his semen should occur both orally and through intercourse.

This also means that to prevent dilution of his genetic sample or confusing the wife’s body, the couple must avoid having the wife in any contact with her husband’s semen once her preparation begins and throughout her pregnancy.

For couples who didn’t plan this pregnancy, but feel certain it is their bull or Dom who has impregnated the wife without the aforementioned preparation, the benefit seems to still exist for continued exposure to her mate’s semen.

This study does support the concept that only one male should be permitted to naturally inseminate the wife with all others using a condom, including the husband. Following this method would ensure knowing who the mate is in the event of a pregnancy and therefore make it simple to know whose semen the wife should have continues exposure to.

This is, of course, a very contentious subject and I am not a trained medical professional – I’m just drawing logical conclusions based on the material presented. Bringing a new life into this world should never be done soley as an extension of some fantasy, but rather only as a true desire to be parents to this child. Should that desire exist and the couple wishes to affirm their commitment to the lifestyle or take advantage of having stronger genes to father the child, this method may be their best option.