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Outercourse is the practice of engaging in physical, sexual intimacy, with genital contact,  without penetration.

Outercourse provides a meaningful method of intimacy and sexual release for the cuckold husband who is denied the privilege of entering his wife. As demonstrated above, a cowgirl position outercourse enables the woman to masturbate herself and her cuckold simultaneously. With a bit of practice, but should be able to orgasm through this intimacy. Denial is or should be a factor in any healthy cuckold marriage. To understand this article in its proper context, it is important to read “Cuckold Denial“. One of the ways to make the dynamic of denial more intense while also increasing the physical intimacy shared by husband and wife is by engaging in outercourse. alternative-outercourseThe most common method is for the wife to mount the husband on his back and for her to have control of movement – and his penis. She will, in effect, masturbate herself against the penis of her husband which is trapped between them. For smaller husbands (penis), she may have to hold it against herself to be able to keep up a rhythm while outercourse continues. Right we see an alternative to this which can be utilized for a cuckold with a pantyhose fetish, a foot fetish, or by the hotwife or Dom who decides that, for whatever reason, the cuckold must attain orgasm through a less intimate, more humbling method. Outercourse is just one of many different ways I coach cuckold couples to experience and share intimacy without violating the intimate physical bonds that have formed between the wife and her boyfriend. Outercourse can be part of foreplay, part of edging play or an erotic way to provide the cuckold release after she has returned from a date.

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