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She illustrates a very valid point: a visually appealing woman can and should be enjoyed as such but never in a way that makes her feel threatened.

I discovered her through her Tumbr blog at http://theunicornkittenkween.tumblr.com/ but she also runs http://www.theunicornkittenkween.com/ a site where you can find links to her clips for sale. I don’t often promote this sort of stuff, but she’s a sweetheart and isn’t a professional porn girl, just a subbie making ends meet – good for her.

If you interact with her after having learned of her here – I expect you to be polite and respect her wishes or you’ll find yourself banned here if she speaks of anyone not doing so. She belongs to someone already, so respect that as well. And should there come a time when she’s available – you’ll all have to get in line behind me 😉 .