Are you truly committed?

nude-beach-chastityHaving your penis restrained for your hotwife’s pleasure and control is a beautiful gift of submission; having it publicly displayed as a declaration of your lifestyle and her sexual availability takes courage and commitment few cuckolds possess.

One might think this cuckold is restrained on this beach because he’s kept that way 24/7 by his wife (or their Dom). It could also easily be that he’s traditionally not restrained, but both agreed to make this vacation lifestyle-related and chose this public statement to help communicate their status as a cuckold couple.

The only thing missing from this shot is the wife’s boyfriend (perhaps he took the shot). Perhaps she doesn’t have one and is open to exploring her sexuality with a man or men of her choosing while on vacation, but if she does have one and he came along on the vacation, restraining the cuckold’s penis would make the nature of their threesome very transparent on that beach, would it not?

Some husbands on that beach are going to see his restrained penis and recoil in horror while others will feign horror and roll over on their stomachs to hide their unrestrained penis betraying them.

Are you man enough to love your wife this way?