Size & Pleasure Are Relative

[himage]cock-demoted-to-penis-0 cock-demoted-to-penis-1[/himage]

Former Cock

Many of you will look at this male organ and consider it perfectly suitable as a sex organ. Being not fully erect it could even gain a little length and girth still and for many cuckolds here, it is already a larger appendage than they can lay claim to, but even so, this is now the penis of a cuckold.

Better Trumps Good

His wife was perfectly content with this penis and the intercourse they shared but only because she’d not yet had anything else to compare it to.

Hover your cursor over the image of his appendage to appreciate the decision to demote his ‘cock’ to having only a ‘penis’ status in their marriage.

Being content with what you have is never a suitable response from wives to husbands when they are supportive of their wife exploring her sexuality outside the marriage – and now you can see why.