Since my last post a few weeks ago I decided to reward my faithful hubby tom for good behavior with a newly thought-up reward system.   I put fifty different colored poker chips into a bag and let him take one each time I felt he was a good boy.  White, green and red chips were in the bag.  Once he got two white chips he could turn them in for a hand job, two green chips designated a blowjob and two red he was rewarded intercourse with me until he came (which usually doesn’t last long!).     He could hold them or turn them in when he so desired and he could also trade two white for one green and once he had three green he could turn them in for one red.  Which chips were more abundant in the bag you say?  Clue: Not red.   

Rick and I went to our favorite beach bar again the weekend before last and I had a blast with him and his friends.  I love getting attention and seeing it was a warm night here in Florida, I wore my shortest shorts and heels and a very loose fitting light v-neck sweater to show off some cleavage.  I should note that tom my hubby gets so jealous and turned on when I wear my short-shorts out in public knowing men are oogling me and he can’t do a thing about it.  We ended up back at my place for the night with tom sleeping in the guestroom.  I left the master bedroom door slightly ajar and noticed tom firmly in his chastity device peeking and listening in.   Rick gave me my second encounter with anal sex then settled in coupling for what seemed like hours.  God that man has stamina!   The following night I invited Rick back to our home for a nice dinner while tom served us.  We drank a bottle of wine and stripped down getting into our hot tub as tom did the dishes and finished cleaning up after us.  Then it was up to our marriage bed for more coupling.   Being a good host all weekend tom got to pick out two chips the next day, both white.  His decision was turning in both white chips for a hand job.  Little did he know the game was slanted in favor of hand jobs much more so than intercourse.  I’m so bad.  

With Rick out of town for a week I was invited last Saturday to a holiday party with Jack, my cutie from the gym.  It was semi-formal and I love getting dressed up.  I had on a black, strapless cocktail dress but what was underneath that both tom and Jack loved the most.  My husband sat on the bed watching eagerly as I got ready.  In chastity since the previous day I mercilessly teased tom walking around scantily clad in only a black, lace string bikini while doing my make-up and hair.  He blushed when pulled out of the chest of drawers a matching black, lace garter belt and off black stockings.  I stood in front of the mirror knowing tom was gawking at my backside as I bent over to fasten the garters to the welt on my stocking tops.  I waited until Jack drove up in the driveway before I put on my dress as tom zipped me up.  I then greeted Jack at the door with a kiss as tom stood watching.  As we left I could see jealousy in tom’s eyes wishing he could be my escort that night.  The party was awesome, it was in a very upscale neighborhood held in a gorgeous  five bedroom mansion.  Jack didn’t realize I had a garter belt on until we danced sometime later on, but when he did his smile told it all and so did the bulge in his pants.  We stayed until almost 2 AM and on the way home Jack took me to this park by my home and we made out like high school kids in his car.   On the way home I removed my panties and gave them to Jack.  I wanted tom to see I wasn’t wearing any when Jack undressed me in front of him.  He quickly noticed.  As Jack and I coupled for more than an hour, tom eventually fell asleep in the bedroom chair next to our bed.   My husband quickly awoke though hearing me moan after two hellacious and wonderful  orgasms and he was only to happy to clean my juicy vagina from Jack’s cum.   After Jack left the next morning tom picked out a green chip and told me how much he loved me being sexually happy.

I can only hope this next weekend can come close to the previous two!  But who do I go out with?  Time will tell.

P.S. — Let me know how your liked my new reward system for my loving hubby.