A sexy wife on a date with her boyfriend.

Dating is an advanced, though highly recommended lifestyle aspect for cuckold couples.

You can see how a wife in her early thirties can start looking like a college coed again when given the opportunity, and more importantly, a reason, to dress and behave like a carefree and sexually available coed.

Notice how her body is pressed to his? This gesture alone gives away their intimacy as a couple. Others watching them that night could tell simply by her body language that this is someone with the most intimate privileges to her body.

One of the reasons I recommend dating for couples is the same reason I like the wives I date to wear sexy things in public: if she only wears it for me indoors, it’s not likely to stay on long, preventing me from enjoying how she looks dressed that way.

Dating is another example of how a couple can enjoy cuckolding together.

When a wife and her boyfriend date, the door is opened to other activities that both they and their cuckold can share in:

  • date preparation
  • choosing outfits
  • ‘handing her off’ for the date
  • driving the couple to their date
  • even attending with them on their date

A date can create heightened anticipation for coupling.


Perhaps this picture was actually taken by her husband or perhaps the wife gave someone her camera to give their cuckold a view of their public date to share with him when they return home, where he awaits, to witness them consumate their evening together. Either way, the cuckold was then able to also share in their evening’s foreplay.

Besides the added benefit of extending the intimacy and pleasure of foreplay during a date, there’s also a significant thrill in being seen by others while dating someone else, especially when it’s interracial. For many white wives, the practice of being shown off as a black man’s sexual plaything is very erotic and what brotha isn’t going to revel in showing off his little white trophy?

Many couples worry about the fear of being seen by someone they know, but I coach that the odds of this anywhere but a really small town are quite low and even if it does happen, it’s likely to never even be mentioned as having been witnessed. Think of what you’d do if you saw someone else’s wife on a date – would you just call her husband and ask what’s up? I think not. You’d just sit on what you knew – or thought you knew.

And, finally, the last reason to date is part of why you should enjoy the cuckolding lifestyle as fully as possible: you only live one. This life is yours for living and should be lived as you see fit – not as others want you to live it.