To kink or not to kink, that is the question.

Some might be shy about admitting weird sexual fantasies, but 1,516 participants did just that for a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine—and most of their fantasies aren’t that weird at all.

There’s a wide spectrum of them, and most folks fall well within that spectrum; the more “extreme” hot-and-heavy head trips were either instances that nearly everyone has imagined or practically no one has, the Pacific Standard reports.

via Study finds that your weird sexual fantasies probably aren’t that weird | Fox News.

Reminds me of the saying, “Kinky is a feather – perverted is the whole chicken.”

I would have to say that those who don’t have fantasies, including some a bit more extreme, are probably not all that healthy mentally or emotionally. The urge to imagine new things is what brought us from caves to space exploration.