Feminist Dysfunction

One reason we have so many dysfunctional people, families and cultures, in my opinion, is that we’ve gone very far from who we are wired to be. We’ve been pushed and pulled by religions, vocal minorities and political ideologues  into being who we are instead of who we should be and there has been a steep cost to it over the generations.

To be truly feminine means being soft and receptive and look out, here it comes, submissive …

Of note, modern feminism has cost us dearly. I say modern feminism because feminism was once about elevating women whereas modern feminism is simply about diminishing males. The results of this can be seen all around us in the pretense of women expected to ‘do it all’ and ‘not need a man’ as well as efforts in our schools to emasculate boys who then grow up to be failures as men. There has been significant push-back on that in the last decade with more women opting to leave the workforce to raise children – a choice that is finally gaining the respect it should. Just to be clear, I’m not saying women don’t have a place in the workforce or a place outside the home, I’m simply saying choosing the role most natural for a woman is honorable and beautiful, it’s just not always an option for women as it should be.

Modern feminists have been furious over comments made by Gabrielle Reece, former volleyball Olympian and model, who suggested that submission, as a wife, was natural and positive. Good lord, look out Gabby – here come the feminazis.

“The Today Show’s” online survey asked the public on whether or not they agreed with Reece’s statement: “To be truly feminine means being soft and receptive and look out, here it comes, submissive …” The majority of its audience—a whopping 55%—agreed that embracing femininity and being submissive is the way to go. Only 19% disagreed.

For more than a decade, I’ve been trumpeting the sound of this silent majority. It’s one that believes marriage is about embracing human nature, rather than trying to make the sexes interchangeable in the name of “equality.” We don’t need a revolution to make men and women equal. They’re already equal.

Submission means to defer to another person’s judgment, opinion or decision. It means you trust your partner.

But they are very different. A woman’s femininity, for example, is very powerful. It doesn’t lower her status or preclude her from being an independent woman. Go! Do what you want with your life. No one’s stopping you. But when it comes to love, surrender. It’s OK to let your guard down. It’s OK to serve your man.

via ‘Submission’ is not a dirty word — what Gabby Reece was trying to say | Fox News.

I know I couldn’t agree more and most of the members here would also agree, but it’s nice to see such sentiment get public debate.

I often hear gasps when I say that women are naturally submissive – something I’ve been saying for many years now. Most often that is because people are ignorant and assume that being a submissive is somehow of less value than say being a dominant. The fact is, most people are submissive by default and would prefer to follow than lead. This fact is more evident in women and is the result of the biology that drives us.

As much as I loathe to say it, the 50 Shades books have likely been very influential in women coming to terms with it being OK to submit. Granted, the books were poorly written, in my opinion, and presented BDSM in a light that doesn’t reflect realities of a D/s lifestyle, but it did produce a somewhat romantic notion of submission being something that could empower a woman – which it certainly can.

Submissive Husbands

Am I saying that cuckold husband are wrong in their role as submissives? No, far from it. What this article and the accompanying sentiment support is that a marriage composed of two submissives is still in need of a dominant male.

Cuckolding: Submissive Empowerment

When a woman dresses provocatively and rejects the societal norm of modesty, she is unable to stop males from enjoying her body. This is very much a submission. On the other hand, their reactions, flirtation, and involuntary arousal are also very empowering for a woman, giving her the sense of sexual selection her attractiveness is meant for.

Making progress from level 1 to 3 – and beyond is a matter of commitment, putting your own needs ahead of the judgements of strangers or even friends, and pushing the boundary just a bit for the time and place.


This is a celebration of everything that makes her a woman. It reminds her cuckold that her sexuality is hers to give to whomever she chooses and it reminds her that everywhere she goes she will be seen first as a woman and not as someone’s wife.

empowered submissive wife

This hotwife is simply, but beautifully displayed. It’s impossible for her to prevent her appeal from being enjoyed, impossible to prevent thoughts of lust for her. While this pic might be one her boyfriend took to send her cuckold after the date, it could also be just some edging to remind her cuckold of her role – and his.

Side note: it’s ballsy to edge a cuckold after getting dressed for a date.
(pun unintentional, but allowed following discovery!)


Collars are very functional items but are also an effective, physical symbol of the commitment a submissive makes.

Wearing a collar – or a simple, fashionable choker, isn’t meant to diminish the humanity of a submissive, but to elevate them as a beloved pet while providing a physical link to the relationship.

A girl collared is a girl empowered with her own submission.

Power Exchange

The more an empowered submissive (wife or girlfriend) learns of her own submissive nature, needs, and how a dominant ensures those needs are met, the better able she is to transfer that experience as empowerment with her cuckold.