Submission can be just as powerful when subtle.

There are several important points to make about what you’ll see in this video, but first, go ahead and watch it end to end.

Some may find this video as not representing the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle because both men seem to be enjoying her equally and she is attentive physically to both men. As a community we tend to view the husband’s role as a more passive, observational role, but this, like many other aspects of the lifestyle, is very variable and subjective for each couple.

Within a few seconds of the video starting, we witness her riding one male cowgirl while the other male, obviously very erect, kneels beside them. Note the physical contact there – that’s the loving, supportive hand of a cuckold who has stepped aside to allow her boyfriend to take first place inside his wife. His wife returns that gift by then sucking him while her boyfriend continues exercising her sex from behind. We again see the husband comforting, encouraging and kissing his wife while she’s joined with her boyfriend in a slow, spooned coupling.

While both males ultimately enjoy the same pleasures with her, it’s likely that her boyfriend spent far more time inside her than her husband did, which is both expected and natural. The subtle difference of allowing her boyfriend to go first, or perhaps it could be said, her choice of taking her boyfriend first, and only giving the husband intercourse when her boyfriend had his fill of her snug sex is still a very clear expression of submission by the husband. Even if the husband hadn’t been allowed entry inside her at all, he would have felt very included, very loved and very appreciated for his role.

Practicing their lifestyle this way, at least periodically, greatly reinforces the wife-centric nature of cuckolding and ensures each member of the triad not only enjoys their role but appreciates the roles of the others. Having enjoyed this style of interaction, the husband should feel much less anxious about time she spends alone with her boyfriend knowing this poweful style of expressing their lifestyle and roles will come around again.