Before & After

Before – documented with the camera by her loving cuckold. After – documented with the camera by her thankful boyfriend.

Below, left, her cuckold happily documented the outfit she chose for this date. It’s a public date and everyone will see her on the arm of her boyfriend. Even with the sheer blouse, the stockings and the lingerie worn as visible outerwear, this wife pulls it off as quite classy thanks to her poise.

Below, right, her boyfriend, quite pleased with her cuckold’s efforts in preparing her for the evening with him, takes this photo to show their cuckold the results of his efforts to decorate his wife for her lover in a way he would appreciate. Her very swollen sex speaks volumes about the pleasure she gave her boyfriend.

Having her proudly display her swollen state for her boyfriend to photograph is noteworthy alone, but it is a gift of submission to her boyfriend just as dressing her for this date was for her husband. The boyfriend enjoyed her gift of posing for him, but it’s the act of sharing this image with the husband that sets this boyfriend up as a Dom – a bull who understands and appreciates the mental and physical aspects of a cuckold couple.