It is with a heavy heart and twisted stomach that I write this. One hour ago I dropped my beloved Love Goddess off at work knowing full well that her Lover would be there waiting to pound her willing pussy with his young firm manhood. As I type this she is probably riding his cock in the dressing room. We’ve talked about this scenario for the last week and have both ‘gotten off’ with indescribable orgasms that left us drained and in a puddle of sweat and love juices on our king size bed. We spent the entire day together. It started off at 6:00am with me feeling her soft wet pussy knowing full well that I would not be getting any of that until after ‘Loverboy’ (LB) filled it with his hot love serum. She demands that I not touch myself, or her, for four days prior to any of her love making sessions. I only got away with feeling her pussy for a couple of minutes as she was so horny and needed to be touched. She made me stop and went to shower so that I could take her to breakfast. We headed to town to enjoy breakfast but the whole way to town I could not concentrate. I could only think of how LB would be enjoying my precious sweet wife at the end of the day. After breakfast I took her to do her nails at the salon where she had them painted ‘Hot Pink’. She looked so beautiful in her short tight brown mini-skirt and tight T-Shirt. After getting her nails done I insisted on her getting new sexy panties at Macy’s so we headed there. She could not find anything she liked so she took a ‘raincheck’ on the panties. After lunch we headed home knowing that the time was drawing near for her love encounter and It was tearing me up. HOWEVER…….in my last blog I had made a commitment to never again complain or make her feel bad about her new role as a cuckoldress and mine as a cuck. After pulling into our driveway she kissed me so lovingly before we got out. She began teasing me by telling me how she was going to be fucking him soon and how I would be cleaning up his nasty mess straight from her well used pussy. I was moaning and begging her for release. She told me that if I hurried into the bedroom she would let me stick my tongue deep in her ass which almost made me cum right there. Of course I obliged and was in cuck heaven. after several minutes of cleaning her backside she got up to shower for him. Allowing me to select her panties and rub her Victoria ‘Love Spell’ lotion over her feet, legs and firm ass as she puts on her make-up makes me feel so insignificant and worthless.

I anticipate her text which I should be getting in a few minutes letting me know if I need to pick her up or if LB will be taking her out for another ‘ride’.

It is killing me inside……..but this is what I want.