Sexy Interracial

I initially thought of this image as simply another example of a proud, interracial hotwife, but realized that’s likely not the case. Look away from the sight of her soft, white tit cupped in his hand for a moment and look around the image. You’ll note that she’s not wearing a ring and is college age. Take note of the granite counter tops and upgraded trim and light switches. This girl isn’t at school, a hotel or a dorm – she’s at home. How old do you suppose that guy is? Yeah, he’s not going to school with her, but he may well school her in a different way.


Perhaps a memento for her when she’s back at school and thinking about his cock inside her.

One Couple’s Experience

Once I made these observations I was reminded of conversations I had not long ago with a couple who were conflicted about the path their lifestyle was taking. Their daughter had started to become aware of their lifestyle and the inclusion of their bull in their marriage when she came home unannounced from college on various weekends to find her parents weren’t home alone. It’s not that she walked in on any explicit sex, but when she gets into the house and all three look rather hastily put together and nervous or mom makes it out a few minutes later it’s difficult to pretend something isn’t going on.

It turned out to be easier than either of them thought for her to be let in on her parent’s lifestyle because the daughter had already taken note of how her mother behaved and responded when observing or interacting with black men but had never brought it up openly. Needless to say her mother was a bit shocked she was so transparent in her interest, but it worked out for the best in the end. It was more of a challenge for her daughter to understand/appreciate what her father got out of his wife having a boyfriend, but she did at least appreciate that he gave her such freedom.

Continuing Education

The real conflict came when it became apparent there was sexual tension between the boyfriend and the daughter. On one hand the couple couldn’t see how they could profess a woman has a right to couple with whomever she chooses and tell her that her mother’s boyfriend was off-limits, but on the other hand, the idea of him and their daughter forming a relationship was very intimidating to the wife and she found herself jealous and threatened by the potential for him to take a younger, attractive lover.

“Welcome to the anxiety your husband manages every day,” I told her. Her husband had learned to share why couldn’t she?

This gave her some pause and truly did give her renewed perspective on what it’s like to walk in her husband’s shoes. Her husband is happy that she has a younger, more virile and hung boyfriend to offer her experiences he cannot and she should be happy for both her daughter and her boyfriend that they will each have new pleasures and experiences because she gives her blessing as her husband did for her.

Partial nudity and casual intimacies like kissing are common, but coupling is still a private affair (except for the cuckold in attendance with his wife, of course).

Partial nudity and casual intimacies like kissing would be expected, but coupling is still a private affair (except for the cuckold in attendance with his wife, of course).

A Family Commitment

Over a several week period they would check in with me and we’d talk about how things were progressing. As one would expect, both the boyfriend and the daughter were anxious about their interest in each other and how that might disrupt the family. I suggested the only way to resolve this was to clear the air and either give them their blessing to couple or risk it happening clandestinely.   I suggested that the daughter and the boyfriend could date on their own, outside the home, but both parents had reservations due to local perception of interracial couples. I suggested that the only way to fight that is to fight it openly, but they weren’t ready to take that step so I suggested the following agreement: during (planned) weekends the daughter spends at home, the boyfriend is exclusively for her, otherwise, exclusively for the wife. In this way the boundaries are clear and expectations managed. It’s also the only time the cuckold is allowed intercourse with his wife – everyone wins.

Fringe Benefits

Now their daughter is learning at a much earlier age than most that marrying for love doesn’t mean a woman has to give up exploring or enjoying her sexuality and is learning first-hand from her mother on how to be a responsible hotwife to a cuckold should she find herself in a relationship suitable for a cuckolding lifestyle. She’s also learning that her father’s submission to his wife and her boyfriend can be viewed as a strength rather than a weakness and has value to the family.

Is this the right path for all couples/families? Obviously not. But it’s also something that need not be disqualified without consideration.