Diminishing masculinity is at the root of submission for a cuckold. There are many ways to extend or exercise that emasculation – preventing your boy from wearing masculine underwear can be a very effective one.

petite-pantiedPanty wearing, among cuckolds, is most often associated with mouse-hung cuckolds – males whose equipment will actually fit into a woman’s panties without simply falling out as in the example above. Clearly his wife is in much need of the full sized cock of her lover.

Requiring a husband blessed with a dicklet to forego mens’ underwear in favor of panties serves to capitalize on his submission by not only giving him a physical symbol of his submission, but also makes it a visible, tangible expression others can appreciate.

I want to be clear about this: Don’t confuse this topic with cross-dressing or feminization. Feminization refers to a much more in-depth use of female clothing and behavior modifications. A cross-dresser is almost always a straight male who, for whatever reason, gets a thrill from dressing as a woman. This behavior may start with bit of lingerie including panties or pantyhose, but then progresses into outerwear as well.

I’m talking about having your outwardly masculine yet, privately cuckolded husband having to wear only panties of your choosing as his only option for underwear. This reminder of his status and lifestyle then reminds him constantly of not only his submission to you/your Dom, but of his failings or abdications of rights as a man and husband.

pantied-penisFor some couples, the journey to cuckolding begins first with an exploration of the husband’s submission. Being that male ego is so closely tied to his genitals, they are the most effective path to his submission. Panties are such an outwardly physical sign of femininity that they have long been used to reflect shame on men by implying they’re wearing them when one chooses to criticize a male for less than masculine behavior. The natural thing, then, to deepen a male’s submission is to actually panty him.

Most pantied cuckolds may begin this experience having their penis pantied at home or during specific play periods, but will eventually transition to panties as their only form of underwear. As the cuckold’s submission becomes a more open aspect of the marriage, most women, even the very dominant ones, find they miss masculine companionship and the idea of taking a lover to enjoy a traditional sexual role becomes very attractive. This is especially true since it also serves to deepen the cuckold’s submission.

Other forms of asserting control over a male include forms of cock and ball torment, teasing and denial as well as bondage specific to his genitals.

A cuckold’s attention, particularly when his wife has a male guest, should always be focused on his wife and not on himself. Simply having your cuckold pantied in front of your lover isn’t going to keep your cuckold focused on you. You’ll still find him rubbing himself through his panties to enjoy the sensation or worse, you’ll see his hand inside the panties, stroking himself which is clearly much more about himself than his wife’s needs at the moment.

Take control of the cuckold’s penis

This is where chastity is effective. Enforced male chastity using any one of a number of devices to not only restrict him from masturbating himself, but even preventing the most basic of male freedoms: the erection. This provides full control of the cuckold’s penis for the wife, ensuring that the cuckold’s full attention is where it belongs. Some may choose to combine the two as the couple who submitted the pictures below does.

“Beth” and her husband have been living a Femdom lifestyle for some time now, she tells me. In the image to the left, you will see her cuckold both pantied and restrained. This is his ‘uniform’ while attending her while she entertains male guests.

Her husband was originally pantied as an expression of his submission and was already used to wearing them before Beth first began enjoying expressing her dominance by having her husband stand by and bear witness to her intimate couplings with another man. It became very clear, early on, that her cuckold had difficulty focusing on his service to his Mistress and instead rubbed himself rather unapologetically.

This has since been resolved with the use of a nice CB-3000 device which attaches around the base of the testicles and forces the penis into a clear acrylic tube with only a slit at the end for the cuckold to pee through. This slit also allows the expression of cuckold tears, the pre-cum developed by the cuckold’s excited penis despite being restricted from growing into an erection. Beth confirms that her cuckold cries considerable cuckold tears for her while restrained and bearing witness to her couplings.

You’ll also notice he’s been shaved smooth. This is something I wholeheartedly recommend for all cuckolds whether pantied or not. It’s essential for those cuckolds who are having their boy parts restrained for their own good, but is also highly recommended for pantied husbands since it just doesn’t make much sense to have man-hair in panties, does it? It also serves as an increased measure of contrast between a man in the marriage and the boy in the marriage.

Another recommendation is to consider having your cuckold slip on a non-lubed condom before pantying him in preparation for any play where you can expect him to spend extended periods erect for you. You could also use a woman’s sanitary pad, as they say, in his panties, to catch his cuckold tears as Beth does with her cuckold.

When the cuckold is naked, as I prefer, it’s easy to train the cuckold or his wife, to wipe the cuckold tears from his penis with a finger licked clean in his own mouth before the cuckold makes a mess, but when the wife is busy pleasuring another man’s cock and the cuckold is wearing frilly panties, it becomes quite unattractive to see pretty panties all soaked with cuckold’s tears.

My thanks to Beth and her cuckold for their contributions to this article.