A story by member ‘steve69’.

This much is true: my wife, Jayne, likes triangles. Before we met she had a brief affair with a married man who was in a marriage without sex. Rob broke off the relationship to stay with his family, even though his wife would not permit any form of physical intimacy. Jayne has maintained a friendship with Rob. The last time she saw him his wife was out of the country, and Jayne teased him about our fantasies of a menage a trois. But when it seemed like he might be interested, Jayne lost her nerve. Here is my fantasy of how it might have happened…

Rob had agreed to join us for pizza and a video on a Friday night while his wife was out of the country. Jayne had suggested that there might be some other activities on the agenda, but Rob was used to her teasing and wasn’t sure how much to take seriously. Jayne had actually been planning for Rob’s visit for several weeks. She hadn’t let me come for the last three weeks, and under my clothes my penis was confined in a steel cock cage that prevented erections or orgasm. The key was on a necklace around Jayne’s neck.

When the door bell rang, we both went out to greet Rob, who arrived with a bottle of Chianti as an offering for the evening. He was tall and slender – taller than my six feet by an inch or two –and, in his mid 40’s, younger than Jayne and I by about 5 years. He had light brown hair and a carefully trimmed beard-Jayne was partial to beards, and I have to admit Rob took better care of his than my own “let it grow wild” beard. His face was angular with strong features and light brown eyes – Jayne considered him very attractive. He was dressed for an informal evening in jeans, a blue Oxford shirt, and boat shoes without socks.

We shook hands, and when Jayne greeted him with a kiss on the lips with full body contact his surprise was apparent. Jayne is a short, hazel-eyed, red-head with a pear-shaped body and firm breasts that don’t require a bra for uplift, and she wasn’t wearing one this evening under her mid-sleeved pull-over top. I also knew that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her knee-length button-front denim skirt. I think she’s a knock-out. Of course I’m prejudiced, but I noticed the attraction in Rob’s appraising look as he tried to figure out what to make of this unexpectedly warm greeting in my presence.

“I’m glad you’re here,” I said. “I’ll go out and pick up the pizza while you help Jayne put the salad together. Have you seen Brunuel’s Belle de Jour? Jayne and I have been looking forward to seeing the new cut, but if you’ve seen it, I’ll pick up something else.” We knew there was little chance that Rob’s wife would have gone with him to see a movie with as many erotic undercurrents as Belle de Jour, even if it was by a famous Spanish director.  Rob readily agreed that he had heard about it and was looking forward to seeing it.  As I had agreed with Jayne, I left in the car to pick up the pizza. We figured that it would take me about 40 minutes.

After Steve left, Jayne invited Rob into the kitchen to help slice tomatoes, carrots, and artichoke hearts for the salad. As he worked at the counter, she moved around the kitchen, brushing him with her hands and body. She stopped beside him and caressed his opposite flank with her hands as she considered whether there were enough tomatoes cut. It was a gesture that was about six inches lower than a friendly hug, but he was used to her subtle physical teasing. Unconsciously he slid closer to her until their bodies were pressed together at the side. With her other hand she reached and touched his chest, and turned toward him at the same instant that he leaned down to kiss her. She parted her lips and used her tongue to deepen the kiss. Rob was suddenly aroused and his hands caught at the back of her neck and on her ass as he pulled her to him. Her hand slid down over the front of his jeans and caressed his stiffening penis through the cloth as her tongue sought out his. They broke apart, flushed and out of breath, and she said,

“Is that a pickle in your pocket, or are you really glad to see me?”

He laughed and the humor would have provided a cover to bring things back to a safer level, but she continued to stroke his penis. “It’s been a long time since this has had any place to go, hasn’t it? she commented suggestively. The comment touched the pain of their shared secret about the constant sexual rejection in his marriage, and he withdrew a step. Jayne smiled openly and touched his face with her hands.

“Why don’t you stay over tonight? It won’t hurt Sarah [Rob ‘s wife] and I ‘d enjoy the fling.”

“What about Steve?” he asked.

“Well, he’s my husband and I can’t do anything without telling him, but I know his limits are pretty open.”

“I didn’t bring anything to sleep in,” he protested, weakening.

“Steve can lend you some pajama tops, and you can sleep in your underpants. Besides, if I get my way, you’ll sleep in nothing at all, “she said with a knowing smile.

“OK. Sarah won’t be calling tonight and there’s no reason to go back to an empty house.”

“OK, it’s settled then. Now, where were we?” she asked, pulling him back into the kiss. His hands slid up under her top to her breasts and his thumbs caressed her nipples which immediately stiffened. She took in her breath sharply and let it out shuddering in a low moan.

Her hands were unbuttoning his Levis and sliding his briefs down. Her fingers caressed him and spread the drop of glistening semen over the head of his circumcised penis. It was his turn to suck in his breath, and he leaned back against the counter as she knelt in front of him to let her lips and tongue play over the head of his cock. She lifted a long strand of sticky semen with her fingers and drew it into her mouth. “Your semen tastes like honey,” she said from her knees.

As 1 walked in with the pizza, Rob was leaning back against the counter and Jayne was on the floor in front of him, “Give us a minute here,” Jayne said as Rob looked over his shoulder in panic.

“OK, I’ll be in the dining room,” 1 said, carrying the pizza in to where the table was set. I could hear them straightening their clothes and then they came in with the salad.  Jayne came over and gave me a passionate kiss, biting my lower lip fiercely and incidentally brushing her hand against my caged cock in case I had forgotten that my eventual sexual release depended on her good graces. My knees went weak.

“We were reliving old times,” Jayne said, “I know you won’t mind.” In truth, the idea of another man’s hands on my wife was very exciting to me.

“Well, as long as I can get sloppy seconds,” I said lightly. Rob seemed to be trying to sink through the floor.

“That depends on what I decide you get, doesn’t it?” Jayne answered, laughing, and flicking her necklace with the key. Rob suddenly noticed the key on the necklace, and confused, said, “That’s an unusual necklace.”

“Oh, it’s the key to my heart. Or maybe something a little lower,” Jayne answered, doing little to assuage his puzzlement.

“Well, let’s eat,” I said, wanting to steer the conversation to other channels.

“Sounds good,” Rob answered with relief

“Dear, Rob’s going to stay over the night. You’ll lend him one of your pajama tops, won’t you?”

“Sure, that will be fine. In fact, I’d be delighted. And I know you’ll be happy,” I said with just enough of a pause that I knew she’d catch the double entendre.

“Happy is the least of it.  I’ll be ecstatic,” she reparteed.

“Touché,” I laughed, granting her the point for the exchange.

Jayne and Rob shared the bottle of wine with the pizza. I had two Sam Adams – more than I usually drink so that my head was pleasantly light by the time we finished. We adjourned to the study to watch the video. I started the VCR and turned out the lights. We all shared the couch, me on the right, Rob on the left, and Jayne in the middle. It was early enough in the spring that the room was a little chilly yet, and Jayne threw a blanket over our laps. She held my left hand under the blanket, occasionally caressing it lightly with her fingers.

By the time the movie reached the moment in Belle’s dream where she is dragged out of the carriage, tied to a tree, and whipped by two men, I knew something more intense was going on to my left.  Jayne had unbuttoned her skirt under the blanket and brought Rob’s hand in between her legs. Rob’s breathing told me that he had discovered that her cunt was naked under her skirt. In the meantime her own hand was busy in Rob’s lap, stroking the bulge in his pants under the blanket. Jayne was leaning back with her feet up on the coffee table and her thighs apart, shifting her hips in rhythm to Rob’s gliding fingers. I knew that Jayne intended to fuck Rob this evening, but feeling their foreplay while sitting beside them made my penis stiffen against the limits of the cage. I felt a spurt of pre cum from my bent-back penis leave a wet sticky spot on my leg as my prostate released some of its three week’s pent-up pressure. My body seemed to lose strength as I slumped back – all my attention on the sounds and movements of their mutual stimulations. When the video ended, Jayne took both of us with her hands and led us upstairs to bed. I don’t recall that we said anything; we all knew what was in store.

I had just taken off my clothes when Jayne came in from the bathroom in her shortest night gown, the one that hung to just below her crotch. She wasn’t wearing any underpants and the fringe of her light pubic hair was visible below the hem. She had the neck buttons of the gown undone, and I could see the necklace and key hanging between the curves of her breasts.  She slid her hand over my bare ass noting, “The marks on your ass are nearly faded.  I’ll have to tie you up and beat you again tomorrow night. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

I nodded, my breath suddenly short. When she was denying me orgasms, these sessions left me calmer and subdued. She obviously wasn’t intending to give me any other release this weekend.

“Have you brushed your teeth and used the toilet yet?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Good, because I need you to get me wet.”

When I haven’t had an orgasm in over three weeks, I become very attentive to Jayne’s needs, and so as she lay back against the pillows, I slid my head between her thighs and began to caress her cunt with my tongue. I began, as I usually do, spreading the lips of her cunt with my fingers and running the tip of my tongue slowly and lightly up and down the shaft of her clitoris, returning to my mouth to get more moisture every four or five licks. As her cunt began to get slick, from her own lubrication as well as my mouth, I began to press harder with the flat of my tongue, slipping down over the head of her clitoris and along her sensitive inner lips every few strokes. Jayne rocked her hips to push her cunt into my tongue. Her hands fluttered over her own breasts, circling and brushing her stiffening nipples. “Ohhh, yes baby. Ohhhh, yes baby. You are sooo good. You make me feel sooo good. Ohh, yes baby. Ohh, yes yes yes baby.” She moaned.

My penis was rigid against its cage and dripping with precum, making a slick spot on the sheets underneath my crotch. I wanted to fuck her so badly, but unless she unlocked my confined penis the only way I could pleasure her was with my tongue or fingers, and there was no way that

I could release my own unbearable sexual tension.

Finally, with her cunt wet and slick, she pushed my head away, sat up and told me to lie on my back and put my hands through the spindles on the headboard. We used a number of different light rope or ribbons bondage restraints in our sex, but this time she used our set of police-issue, double-locking thumb cuffs to fasten my thumbs together around a headboard spindle. In that way I was bound to the bed with my arms extended over my head.

“I think that Rob will be more comfortable with you securely fastened here tonight, love,” she said, putting the thumb-cuff key on the chain around her neck with the cock cage key and pulling the blankets up over me. Then she blew me a kiss and left the room.

Jayne knocked softly at the door of the adjoining guest bedroom, turned the knob, and let herself in to Rob’s bedroom. Rob was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing the red plaid flannel pajama top that Steve had given him and his underwear briefs. When Jayne came into the room he stood up and moved to her. They came together in a passionate embrace, their tongues searching each other. His hand slid between her legs where his fingers found her rigid clitoris in its slick wet channel just above the hem of her short nightgown. She caught her breath and pushed her cunt into his hand. Her eyes closed and her head dropped on her shoulder as she let the sensations from her sex rush through her body. His lips were on the flank of her neck and his voice in her ear whispered, “I’ve been wanting you so much.”

“I’ve been wanting you,” she replied, directing his mouth down to her breasts. “Wanting you and that cock that I haven’t fucked in such a long time.” She unbuttoned his top and slid his briefs down.  Then they were sitting on the bed, his mouth sucking at her breast and her hands sliding up and down his hard smooth cock. Jayne’s fingers found his nipples and pinched them hard, twisting and pushing him onto his back. She straddled him, rubbed the head of his cock across the slickness of her cunt, and guided it into the channel. She lowered herself in short thrusts until his cock was fully encompassed and their pubic hairs were mingled in a sand and brown carpet. For a while they coasted on the peak, pleasuring each other with gentle rocking thrusts and words.

“Your cock is so long.  I feel like it touches my heart.”

“Your breasts are beautiful. I love to touch them. “

“It’s so sad that Sarah can’t feel you like this.”

“It’s been so long; I’d forgotten how wonderful this is.”

“You’re trembling.”

It was true, he was. She leaned over his chest to take his nipple in her mouth and pulled it with her teeth. A moan escaped his lips and his hips thrust up into her. She pressed down to meet him, pressing her clitoris into his pubic bone. She let his nipple slip back and rose up on his penis as he fell back. Again her teeth tightened and pulled on his nipple and she thrust down as he arched his hips back up to her, driving the entire length of his cock into her vagina until her cunt slapped against his body again. Kneeling on top, her thighs straddling his hips, she controlled the rhythm of their fucking, increasing the speed and the force. His arms flew around her back, holding her head to his chest while his hips thrust and bucked as if to throw her off – only her cunt sheathed on his rigid cock kept her mounted. His body stiffened as he came, and she raised and lowered herself up and down the full length of his cock once, twice, three times forcing his spurting semen deep into her body.

He slumped back with a shuddering sigh and she straightened her legs and lay full on top of him. Their mouths met in a long deep kiss, coupled with their tongues and joined at the hips, with his still engorged but softening cock pressed deep inside her.

“I love you,” he murmured as their mouths finally parted

“I love you too.” Her hands ran through his hair and over his face.

After a few minutes Jayne rolled off him and sat up on the edge of the bed.

“Where are you going?” he asked

“I need to get my vibrator,” she answered, leaning over and placing a soft kiss on his limp and sticky cock. “I’ll be right back.”

The guest bedroom was next to the master, and, pinioned to the bed, I could hear the murmuring of Jayne and Rob’s voices and the creaking of the bed, following the rhythm of their love-making in the sounds and silences. A short while after the last rush of the bedsprings, the door opened and Jayne slipped back in, radiant in her flush of sexual excitement. “How are you, my dearest,” she said, pulling the blanket back, kneeling and kissing me. Underneath the scanty nightgown her body smelled of sex: sweat and cunt and semen. She stretched her hands out for my hands and massaged the coolness from my fingers and confined thumbs. “It looks like you’ll be OK here for the night.”

With the kiss, my desire exploded again and I arched up toward her with my mouth and hips, wanting to hold her with me as long as I could. “You need a little something too, don’t you dear?” she asked, glancing at my penis engorging in its confinement. She reached into the night table drawer and pulled out the Japanese nipple clips – the ones that tightened when you pulled on the chain connecting them. She stroked my nipples with her thumb until they stiffened and fastened the clips with a little pull to tighten them that brought a little moan from me. “Now we’ll give you a treat,” she said, straddling my head with her back to my face and, lifting the hem of her nightgown, lowered her cunt towards my mouth. I could see Rob’s semen on the inside of her thighs and hanging from her cunt. Instinctively I closed my mouth to avoid the drip and started to turn my head away, but a sharp tug on the chain of the clips pulled my chest and head up and caused me to cry out. “Mouth open,” she ordered. “I want you to clean up every single drop.”

She held herself just far enough my face that I had to stretch up with my tongue to lick the first glob of Rob’s semen from my wife’s pungent, newly-fucked cunt.

After I had licked and swallowed as much of the semen from her cunt and inner thighs as I could and my mouth was filled with the salty, slick taste, she began to rub her clitoris against my tongue. My face and beard were covered with the fishy smell of her fuck with Rob. With one hand she pulled on the nipple clips, stretching my nipples painfully and giving a sharp tug occasionally to feel me jerk my face up into her cunt. With the other hand she fondled my confined penis through the bars of the cock-cage, her fingers sliding around the pre-come that dripped out the tip of the bent-back penis.

Aroused, she slid forward so she could stroke her clitoris with her finger, wet with my pre-come. My tongue played on her ass. Reaching into the drawer, she pulled out her portable vibrator and replaced her finger with the vibrator against her clitoris. Crying out, she came, pressing her cunt down into my face.

“Oh, you’re good at that,” she said when her spasms had finished and I was gently licking and tonguing her cunt. She removed the nipple clips and pulled the blankets up to my chin. “You should be warm enough like this, dear heart.” She kissed me on the lips, saying, “Oh, you smell so sexy.”  She whispered “I love you” in my ear and left the room.

Jayne let herself into Rob’s room and, laying the vibrator on the bedside table, slid into bed beside him. Rob was awake and he turned to embrace her.

“Did you lock the door?” he asked

“Let me show you something,” she said pulling the necklace out of her nightgown. “You don’t have to worry about privacy. I cuffed Steve to the bed with this key. Other than Steve, the house is empty, and he’s not going to interrupt us.”

As he began to comprehend Jayne’s complete control over her husband, Rob looked at her with a renewed lust.

I heard you come through the wall. Did you and Steve fuck?”

“This other key is to the genital restraint he’s locked into. Until I unlock him, you’re the only one who’s going to fuck me this weekend. No, I used the vibrator after he licked your semen off me. “

Amused at his concern as he absorbed this information, she added, teasing, “Don’t worry, I’m still plenty slick with your semen deep inside.”

With this she kissed him and slid her hand down to his rapidly stiffening cock. He rolled her over on her back, entered her, and fucked her fiercely, his hard strokes bringing him quickly to climax. They fell asleep with him lying on top of her, still coupled.

It was hard to fall asleep with my hands fastened over my head, but sometime after I heard them fucking again through the wall, I dropped into sleep. By six in the morning, I was awake again with my morning hard-on pressing my penis painfully against its cage. I lay there for two hours unable to sleep until I heard quiet voices in the other room. After a while the bedsprings through the wall told me that they were enjoying each other’s bodies again, and I heard Jayne’s cries as she climaxed. Soon the door opened and she slipped into the room. She gave me a loving kiss and said, “I thought I’d bring you an offering before I clean up and use the toilet.”  With that she straddled my face and let me eagerly lick the semen from her cunt. Afterwards, she unlocked my thumbs and told me to get dressed and come downstairs. “I’ll make pancakes,” she said on her way out.

By the time I had been to the toilet, gotten dressed, and come downstairs, Jayne, still in her short nightgown, had the pancakes started on the griddle. Rob was dressed as well and sitting at the one of the three places set at the counter. I sat at the opposite end, and Rob and I ate the stacks of pancakes Jayne served without looking at each other. When we were finished, Jayne sat between us and ate the last stack she had prepared. Her thighs were exposed beneath her gown and she spread her legs to press her knees against Rob’s knee to the left and my knee to the right. Without meaning to, Rob and I nearly bushed hands as we both caressed the top of her inner thighs. I quickly removed my hand and put it on her breast, and Rob slid his fingers up to her cunt. Before she finished the last of the pancakes, Jayne was moaning and swaying her body against our caresses. She caught our hands in hers, kissed them one at a time, and then led us upstairs to our bedroom.

After undressing me, she kissed me and said, “I guess I’d better keep you tied.”  Pulling my hands behind my back, she used the thumb cuffs to secure my thumbs together behind me. As she fastened the cuffs, Rob saw the cock cage for the first time.

“If Sarah had one of these, you wouldn’t even be able to masturbate in the shower, would you?” Jayne said. As she saw Rob’s obvious embarrassment, she moved over and embraced him, murmuring, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be cruel.”

He kissed her, and she quickly had his pants off and was stroking his erect cock.

“Steve, come get me wet again,” she said, reclining on the bed against the headboard with her hand still on Rob’s cock.

I climbed on the bed between her legs and, without being able to support myself with my hands fastened behind my back, slithered my body up until I could get my lips and tongue to her cunt. I began to lick and nibble at her cunt, while she took Rob’s cock into her mouth and ran her lips and tongue over its hard and throbbing end as he knelt beside her. My own penis was wet and straining against the cage as it was pressed down into the sheet underneath me. In a few minutes of the stimulation of my mouth on her cunt and Rob’s cock in her mouth, she moaned, “Oh, fuck me now. Fuck me now.”

With only one erect cock available, it was clear who she was addressing. She scissored her legs, rolling me off of her, and then spread them open again so that Rob could take my place between her thighs. He rubbed his cock over her wet cunt and then pushed into her. She cried out as he thrust all the way into her.

In a moment, Rob was thrusting and driving his cock into her as she screamed, “Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” The bed was shaking under me as I lay helpless on my side, my hands fastened firmly behind me, watching and trying not to slide into them. Then her breath caught and she came in three immense strangled cries. She threw her body open in her climax, trying, it seemed, to draw his whole body into her, and Rob came with a moan, ejaculating into her with his finishing thrusts.

They lay coupled for a few minutes, totally spent, and then Rob rolled off on the side away from me and took her breast in his mouth. Knowing what I was expected to do, I slithered back between her legs and began to lick the semen from her cunt.

Looking down at Rob at her breast and me between her legs, Jayne sighed, “This is how we’ll do it from now on, all in the same bed.”