Please welcome our newest verified couple: carolinacuckandwife

I always felt as if i was an “unintentional cuckold”. Two years into our marriage, my wife told me that an old acquaintance of hers had asked her out and that she wanted to go out for a couple drinks with him if it was alright with me; I protested. We were still newlyweds in my mind and i didn’t like the thought of it at all. Several weeks went by before she told me that we needed to talk. She told me that she had made up her mind to go out with her friend. She reasoned that she didn’t want to grow old in our marriage holding any regrets of curiosity unfulfilled and if i didn’t approve of it, then she would separate from me while she sowed her oats. I reluctantly agreed to allow her the “space” she needed to keep our marriage intact and she agreed to share any details with me that I wished to know. This would become the beginning of our cuckold marriage.

Over the next few years, she dated many guys but she would carry on
longer term relationships with the guys who were very well endowed. I would eventually find myself in a very submissive role to her and her Bulls by way of shopping for a new sexy wardrobe, prepping her for her dates, awaiting her return with all the cuckold angst you can imagine, and remaining chaste for a week leading up to each of her dates.

My hotwife has always been kind to me. She and her Bulls have allowed me to watch as well as participate at times and if I behave, I am sometimes allowed to jerk off as i watch.

My wife is currently in a relationship with a Bull that has no knowledge of our cuckold marriage and I am relegated to creampie cleanup duties upon her return with no other involvement beyond that. we’re looking for more than just that. We are looking for a new Bull that will involve us both so we can get back to the true meaning of being in a cuckold marriage.


I think it’s a terrible shame such a worthy couple doesn’t have a full-time, involved and integrated bull/Dom to exercise them each in the way(s) most appropriate.

For more info – see their post in the forum – here.