Visual invitation is simply that.

Seeing a woman dressed like this in a public space would be somewhat scandalous, wouldn’t it? She obviously wants to be fucked, doesn’t she?

Maybe, maybe not.

What she wants is to feel like a woman – to feel desired, to know that her biological role on this earth is secure. Men can’t help but consider her sexually when seeing her like this – and that is a natural reaction on both parts. It is as instinctive for women to desire this reaction in males as it is for males to find their eyes drawn to her and feel their body respond reflexively by becoming erect for her.

So why is it such a struggle for so many women?  We’re all aware of the societal pressures placed on women to repress their sexuality and to play down their ability to arouse and attract males despite that being a very natural process. What isn’t talked about is the role we males play in this process.

Just because a woman seems to want to be fucked doesn’t mean she wants to be fucked by just anyone who sees her.

What she and millions of other women do every day is to flirt in a visual manner which increases male response to her, thereby enabling her to make her own choice of male to consummate that flirtation with – or to not consummate it and simply enjoy being desired.

The act of purposefully being sexually appealing to men not necessarily your husband or boyfriend is understandably threatening to other women because males will be males and we will always continue to find women sexually appealing whether we are married or not just as women will continue to find other men sexually appealing (whether they admit it or not).

In a social setting where we co-habitated in small groups rather than just couples, the behavior of visual flirtation would be essential for women to rank themselves socially just as males’ ability to lead and inspire interest among the females would be. Sadly, we’ve all been forced into ‘couples’ arrangements instead of our natural, small groups, leaving us wanting to express natural behaviors like visual flirtation while in an artificial and incorrect social grouping which then punishes such expressions.

Ladies, stop being ashamed of your nipples! Unless a women is seen trying to cover them, hide them or otherwise act ashamed of them, no one has any idea a woman is even aware of her pokies showing and men love pokies. This can be one of the simplest ways to add a bit of visual flirtation day to day. Also remember that choosing to show them off, or – choosing simply not to hide them – to visually flirt with other men, pushes some serious cuckold buttons with husbands.

Visual flirtation is a core necessity for wives in a hotwife role. Because of the inhibitions placed on flirtation with a married woman, a hotwife (or hotwife candidate) must take advantage of visual flirtation to  put herself ‘back in the dating pool’. Because of our current social model, a wife who dresses to ensure visual flirtation also asserts herself in her marriage, something that very much appeals to a husband desiring or already enjoying a cuckold role.

Again, these outfits aren’t an invitation to sex – they are visual flirtation.

date_displayIt’s important to remember that visual flirtation continues to apply once a wife becomes an active hotwife, but for different reasons. In this case (left), we see a hotwife on a date who is very obviously on display for her boyfriend (and others) to enjoy.

By dressing this way for her date, she is fulfilling her husband’s most basic wish – that of sharing her. Visually sharing her is the most common method for husbands to experience sharing their wife; allowing views of her body by other men that they wouldn’t ordinarily get to enjoy exercises his cuckold role and the visual flirtation it presents fulfills hers. Having his hotwife dressed this way (in part) to please him also allows the bull to feel his ‘authority’ is being recognized. One simple act therefore has far-ranging, positive consequences.

Just as husbands have to set aside their ego as a cuckold to manage the humbling effect that comes with having a wife who dates, wives must also put aside their own egos and not allow feminism and societal repression to deny themselves and the men they are involved with a core experience: visual flirtation.

Visual flirtation is the most effective and natural means for a wife to establish courtship with a desired male and become a hotwife once that courtship is consummated.

Cuckold Suffering