Cuckolds want desperately to witness this for themselves.

memento-of-our-couplingBut, the reality is that this isn’t always possible for a variety of reasons:

  • the bull may be new to the idea of the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle
  • the bull may not even know yet of the husband’s support for her extramarital coupling
  • busy couples can’t always arrange a day/time when all three can be present
  • booty call happens

Nevertheless, a hotwife’s obligation is to ensure her cuckold feels involved. Worried about such an image getting out? No problem, angle the camera to exclude faces and done. There’s little excuse for a hotwife to enjoy such freedom (and cock) and not make the effort to do the right thing for her cuckold.

A thoughtful Dom would think of their cuckold’s needs and direct his pet to take this shot. Building a rapport with the cuckold is an important step in a bull or Dom taking his place within their marriage.