Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, I know mine was amazing.  

After the holiday I kicked back and relaxed on Friday, no shopping for this girl. I also decided it was time to give tom, my hubby some chores around the house like vacuuming and cleaning.   After putting him in chastity I left for the beach to get some sun in my new bikini and later met Rick for drinks and dinner.  We ended up at Rick’s for a little play time before we settling  in to watch a movie.

Rick was such a devil that night not only does he give me great orgasms but it seemed he couldn’t get enough of my pussy with his tongue.   I’ve never been eaten out so much in my life!   Finally we coupled in his bed and fell asleep until morning.  I awoke on Sunday and made Rick a  nice breakfast and called tom to let him know I was spending the day with Rick.  Rick has a condo on the beach that I love and we walked for quite awhile before getting into the mood for more coupling.  I finally arrived back home around seven that night to a very eager husband.   I told tom I was too tired and sore for any love making and he was to stay in chastity until Monday night.  

His cuckold angst was definitely in view!  

I sent him off to work this morning still  in his cb3000, my discipline seems to be working fine.