Author: StokieUKCpl

Voluntary Cuckold Denial

It is not as easy as one would think to be truly cuckolded. There are conflicting ideas on the subject, even from within this community itself. Ultimately what works for a couple is their choice and though it may not necessarily be deemed the “correct” method by some….if that couple take pleasure and gratification from it then who has a right to belittle it? For my wife and I this is the scenario we adopt and it works for us. We have been married for nigh on 30 years and our sex life has diminished and stagnated. Oh! we...

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Sometimes I am Allowed To Watch..

My wife anna and her lover in our bed…he made me stand in the doorway only at first…then called me to come in and watch… and I had to wear my CB6000. I couldn’t control my erection and as you can see it resulted in a very painful situation…...

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