It is not as easy as one would think to be truly cuckolded. There are conflicting ideas on the subject, even from within this community itself. Ultimately what works for a couple is their choice and though it may not necessarily be deemed the “correct” method by some….if that couple take pleasure and gratification from it then who has a right to belittle it?

For my wife and I this is the scenario we adopt and it works for us.

We have been married for nigh on 30 years and our sex life has diminished and stagnated. Oh! we can raise the roof when we engage in a session but it’s seldom we do so as there are “more important” activities to pursue. We have been swingers, we have visited clubs and had incredible times…but even those activities have become hard work. Our passion has been lost in the mundane as our children build their own lives and we support them and enjoy the new found freedom we now find our selves with. There have been indiscretions both from myself and my wife with other people..we are both free thinking and this is not a problem for us. However, we love each other and this will never change and sometimes I sit and think about what we have lost.  The intimacy and fire that we used to have for each other is on the permanent back burner and this is something that saddens me as we both succumb to age.

Cuckolding! We have tried it in the past and it is not an easy lifestyle to adopt. However, the benefits can be immensely rewarding even though it is I the cuckold who has to “give up” so much. Give up what? The freedom to see other women? The freedom to enjoy sex without my wife? To enjoy release any time I want? To see her sit quietly and ….not see her for who she really is? To take her for granted? I don’t like myself when I am that person.

So even though we have failed a few times, we decided to give it another go. This means for me instantly I am totally denied. That means no cumming, no self gratification whatsoever. This on the understanding that my wife takes a lover, boyfriend or multiples thereof. Once we adopt this scenario it doesn’t take long till my mindset changes. Without the release that comes with orgasm my whole psyche becomes centred on my wife. She takes a lover and only she is allowed to have sex. My attention is instantly focused on her and the fire within me rages more and more the longer I go without release. This is our decision and a choice we have made. My wife knows it is not easy to give up being able to cum but the difference in me and the way I interact with my wife is amazing. I appreciate her more, I notice her more. As soon as she enters the room I am instantly aroused so interact with her more. I listen to her, I touch her, I kiss her, I appreciate her and more in love with her… I am prepared to do anything for her, so much so she is sometimes overwhelmed with my attention. And yes..I am constantly aroused so shower her with affection and hope for the merest hint of any sexual response so I can pleasure her…any moment…for as long as she wants.

We know this is all down to me being wife having total control over my cock, my sexual pleasure completely. It is agonising to be totally denied, but the anxiety, the frustration, the torment and excruciating torture that comes with it makes me a better person …a better husband to my wonderful wife. Then there is the lover, or in this instance lovers, who come to give my wife what I am no longer allowed. The suitors we have at present are promising and understand that it is a three way relationship and the cuckold needs attention too. Basically they take the piss and laugh at my pain..which is exactly what I need. My wife will have an enthusiastic lover and I will take pleasure from the cuckold angst that comes with it. Raging lust and erections which will agonisingly be left to subside. Teasing and torment for not being allowed any release whatsoever. The jealousy of watching, hearing or just knowing that my lovely wife of 30 years is making love with another man.

Honestly, I like who I am when I am cuckolded. I like how I love my wife more and treat her like the beautiful wife to me that she always has been. I don’t need or require enforced chastity…it is our choice…it is my choice to remain denied. My wife loves to see how hard I am when I am pleasuring her with my fingers or tongue…she ridicules my engorged state and points out my leaking cuckold tears to her lover…and laughs at my pain. When she is making love with her boyfriend she always tells me how good it is…how I will never be able to make love to her again and tears sometimes run down my face in shear frustration. But it is a penance I will happily accept because the man it makes the man who married my wife 30 years ago. One who will do anything for the woman that I love.