Denial is only the first step in controlling your cuckold’s penis.

Cuckold Denial is different things to different couples. For some, it’s seen primarily as a way to establish the hotwife’s sexual commitment to her lover and to remind the husband that his role doesn’t include intercourse while she’s dating. For others, it’s more about the control transferred from husband to wife and the ability for her to exercise his submission by teasing, yet denying her husband the sexual release males expect to have self-control of.

As a coach and Dom for cuckold couples, I use this approach to achieve both the above goals while also attaining two more: increasing physical and emotional intimacy for the cuckold couple and ensuring the cuckold’s prostate health.

Cuckolds certainly don’t require intercourse with their wives (explained in detail here), but do need to spurt regularly to maintain prostate health. No one said this has to mean he gets to masturbate himself.

Denying a cuckold permission to masturbate himself and making it the sole responsibility of his hotwife to reward/punish her cuckold through her selective use of masturbation methods can be very effective for his prostate health, increase intimacy for the cuckold couple and reinforce the roles of cuckold, hotwife and bull by further diminishing the cuckold’s penis as a sex organ. Keep in mind that to ensure a wife has control of her husband’s penis, restraint may be necessary when he’s not supervised.


Draining a cuckold’s penis in this manner is different from the usual methods of masturbating him because that’s typically done in more comfortable and intimate settings. This process is very mechanical, in a sense, and focuses on simply getting him to spurt as quickly as possible.

Though many commonly refer to this activity as ‘milking’, I prefer the term ‘draining’ – this is to prevent confusion with the other form of prostate health management where the hotwife massages the cuckold’s prostate manually, through the rectum, to involuntarily release seminal fluid without orgasm or even contact with the cuckold’s penis being at all necessary.