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        This is a long one.

        I have been on and off this site for a good number of years now, contributing to the “Getting Started” forum with new topics several times and with one topic started on this “Success Stories” forum.  Well finally, my wife and I may be at the starting line of a potentially good and steady cuckold relationship if last night was anything to go by.  My wife returned home this morning shattered but glowing like she’s never glowed before after a date.

        Previous dates have all resulted with a mixed bag of results.  Some itches scratched here and there, some disappointments of course and until very recently, a long lull in activities that involved other men.  The lull being caused by a combination of a poor previous experience, kids getting to an age where even vanilla sex between us has to be thought out, work commitments and so on.  More like life getting in the way than anything else but there was a sea-change in both our attitudes towards sex as a result of life’s negative impact on us.  Not so long ago, my wife and I had our most candid conversation over a couple of beers and it went along the lines of, how as time had gone by, I had allowed myself to become even further immersed in all things related to cuckolding. Nurturing my submissive side by indulging (way more often than my wife knew) in porn via BDSMLR and Pornhub.  Always the same stuff too. Cuckolding, Interracial stuff, feminization, chastity, tease & denial, prostate massage, cream-pies, pegging and with growing frequency, fluffing and forced-bi stuff.  My wife was still visiting her porn sites too. BDSMLR, the remnant accounts of Tumblr etc too, but we weren’t doing it together and sharing stuff with each other.  We were on sepetate trajectories now. 

        In the early days, we’d share a lot of stuff. Pretty much everything. We’d switch in the bedroom too.  I lost heart BIG time though after the last disastrous interaction with another guy and his wife that we had, and my wife, while not 100% writing off the chances of playing with others again, pretty much was done with the whole 3rd party thing.  But she did occasionally remind me to, “never say never”.  Getting back to our candid conversation, I reminded my wife that on the previous occasion we had indulged in chastity play, I’d gotten myself to the place where I’d have very probably performed orally on another man if it had been something my wife wanted me to do.  I’d been locked for about 2 months with lots of edging and denial and BDSMLR.  This idea turned her on a lot and we used it often when in bed together and especially during edging sessions, which 9 times out of 10 would be PIV edgings.  Even though I craved to be cut off from sex, my wife couldn’t stand that idea.  I’ve always been able to satisfy her sexually and especially on the oral side, but my wife likes hard, animalistic sex too and that’s where I fall short. If I try, I’m a 1 minute wonder. 

        I also confessed to her that over the last year or two, my orgasms had felt generally rubbish and I’m not kidding when I say that. I don’t know if I’ve self pleasured myself too many times over the years or whether it’s an age thing but they just don’t feel all that special. Now the Edge…..that’s altogether different! You’ve got to be disciplined but if you can keep your head together, the edge is the gift that keeps on giving, in my opinion! I also found myself consuming my own cum if I gave myself a ruined orgasm. I think that this was some kind of subconscious belief that one day, contrary to the odds, I may get to experience a fresh load of another man’s cum from my wife, but either way, I grew more tolerance towards eating my cum. What another man’s cum would taste like, I’ve very little idea but I’m that little further bit down the road to being able to handle it I think. And now she’s heard it on several different occasions, that if she wants me to take a cock in my mouth, I will……for her….but I need chastity and teasing for a while first I think. Now for the bit you’ve all be waiting for.

        Three weeks ago we was on a long weekend vacation together at a country lodge. Just my wife and I. I’d been in chastity for a few weeks already and we brought plenty of toys and it had a hot-tub. We had a lot of fun together over that weekend and during a long walk that we went on, we got talking about the cuckold thing. She said she had caught herself sizing up a work acquaintance. He was an entertainer that my wife hired in her capacity as General Manager of a hotel for several Christmas functions. Not only did he do some of the entertaining himself but he had his own company that had various forms of public entertainment and entertainers on his books. Acrobats, bands, fire eaters, strippers, musicians……a real array of entertainment. They had obviously spoken on several occasions but at no point did my wife think there was anything between them, as much as she would have liked there to be. He also seemed to be heavily involved with his business partner who happened to be a woman. To cut a long story a little shorter, that relationship is strictly platonic and after becoming friends on Facebook, interaction between him my wife increased a little. Nothing flirty but definite banter, as we call it here in the UK. So my wife decided that she would try and find a way of pinging up on his radar that she was attracted to him, but she needed to do it in such a way that wouldn’t jeopardise their working relationship. 

        Her ploy worked. A date was set.  She would travel the 20 miles to his place. A few drinks to settle the nerves and then hopefully, the pair of them would click in bed as well as over mutual interests. I got a message from my wife via WhatsApp at a little after 8pm. They’d been chatting and having a couple of drinks for a couple of hours and the message from wife was positive. She was enjoying his company. From that point on, my mind was whirring! What had they been talking about? He knew she was married and that we are very much together. Had he questioned this? Had they had the talk or was that going to come after my wife had had her itch scratched, to highlight just a few questions going through my mind. I kept checking WhatsApp to see if she’d been on looking for messages from myself. She had briefly about an hour after her first message and it was just to acknowledge my response of a couple of emojis that I sent to her as further encouragement. After that, nothing until this morning. 

        At 7.30am this morning I got a call. My wife was coming home. She would have stayed out longer but his narrowboat home wasn’t ideal for two adults to maintain any comfort in for any longer. But she did relay to me her enjoyment and overall satisfaction with her new mate. How They’d talked for hours with great ease in a bar before walking the short distance to his narrowboat home. There’d been lots of kissing once inside and that would continue for most of their encounter. He was very appreciative of her 39 year old body which while isn’t as youthful as it once was, it retains curves in all the right places. As you know, she already had the hots for him and she had a good idea about what was under his clothes. She told me that he was her first circumcised cock and so she enjoyed getting to know that. It wasn’t especially large in length, maybe about the same as mine but a lot thicker. They coupled many times over the course of the night and he knew how to use cock. Varying pace and depth, angles and so forth. For the most part, they enjoyed each other in the Missionary and Spoons positions. My wife’s favourites! She certainly got her fill of the hard and fast variety snd with a bit of hair pulling and biting (which she wishes I could do), so she got the rough side of things ticked off as well as the gentle love making kind. Apparently she orgasmed a few times but he couldn’t reach climax himself. Reasons for that iI won’t get into at this time. That was a little disappointing to hear but it happens I guess. 

        As they were getting ready to part, the question of whether they wanted to repeat things was asked by him. My wife responded with an affirmative answer so it looks like it could become a regular coupling. That excites me so much. My wife even has a regular night away once a week with work that she thinks he will be able to join her on occasionally. She’s likely to go back on birth control too. The Coil. That way she can have him bare. She sounds confident about being exclusive too or she wouldn’t entertain the idea of going bare. 

        So yeah, I think we have turned a really good corner. One with plenty of opportunity.  

        Maybe one day I can convince my wife to join me on here. In her own words, “never say never”! 

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            Thanks Motley.

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              Nice Update. Any more details from her what happen that night when she reach home?

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                Hi Glasgow982000,

                To be honest, I could spill the beans a little more but to what end? If it’s titillation you’re looking for, you may be better off on something like Literotica.com perhaps. I’ve been on this site for many years and I know that it’s a well respected site, full of very useful resources and guidance and such. If there’s anything you think I may be able to help you with in your own quest, ask away!

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                  The follow up date is pencilled in for Friday 26th, which I think is well timed. This one is potentially going to be a quickie for her but an over nighter isn’t ruled out yet. I’d much prefer for her to return home soon after. I want the chance to offer to go down on her and to get a taste of her well used body!

                  There has been a mention of her new friend everyday since their hook up and always excites me. All I can say is that I’m glad I have a cage on or I would be edging myself into oblivion! If all goes well again, I think my birthday idea will go down well with them both. If you haven’t read my idea, it’s over on the Submissive Husbands forum. It should be easy enough to find.

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                  Cathy & Jerry

                    Very happy here to see that things are progressing well. Hopefully she’ll cut you off for good and he’ll be taking her as his own much more often. Good for you!!

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                      We’re 4 days away from my wife’s 2nd coupling with her “FWB” and as you can imagine, my mind is ramping up the activity as the date draws closer. The topic of her cuckolding me has been brought up on quite a few occasions since her first meet with her new man. Sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted teasing but either way, always exciting for me. My wife is looking to the future too, albeit a short term future and she’s making decisions without any influence whatsoever from me. Although she is consulting me very frequently about things but I think that that is for the benefit of her confidence, which is absolutely perfect for me. Anything to boost my wife’s experience in this new found dynamic!

                      My wife is very confident that her new man is going to remain exclusive to us and as she’s never been a fan of condoms, she’s picked up the contraceptive pill for a month. This can be easily renewed online should things continue in a positive manner, although if they do, it is more than likely that she will visit the family planning clinic and have the Coil implanted again. The pill is only reliable if you run it like clockwork where as the Coil, you can just forget about it. So my wife has every intention of going bare with her man and this excites me greatly. I’m praying that they go from strength to strength. That they develop a physical bond and my own bond with my wife is reduced to that of physical comforting and spiritual support for her new relationship. I want her to become accustomed to his body and his sperm. So much so that she becomes dependent on it.

                      We have talked about how everything is filling her mind more than she’s been used to, and so she’s not rushing anything. The idea of this becoming more than just a “FWB” type relationship is just not appealing to my wife yet, although I am hoping that with each passing coupling, something a little more develops. It would be my dream for them to become a dating couple. Meals out, cinema nights, concerts, social events etc. Maybe even weekends away together? But, I must keep my dreams in check and remain in the real world for now and enjoy every moment for what it is. A bit of fun for us all.

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                        Cathy & Jerry

                          We’re so very happy for you both, hopefully they’ll be seeing each other more and more often then maybe they will both come to you to let you know that they are in love and that your cock is no longer needed. We’ve been there (are there) and we would never want it any other way. Good luck! 🙂

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                              Thanks Cathy & Jerry! Keep those fingers crossed that this relationship becomes a very steady one at least, for us please!

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                            I really can’t describe how happy we are right now. Just talking about Friday’s coupling has both grinning from ear to ear. The kissing between us both is electric! And when I ask my wife if she is still looking forward to the date and I get, I’m REALLY REALLY looking forward to it” from her and her eyes are wide and bright, it really excites me!

                            She has decided that she will take only two miniature bottles of wine with her so that she can really experience the pleasure of her FWB’s cock and efforts and she’s hoping he will take a leaf from her book by doing similar. Now that the ice is broken, the need for the numbing effects of alcohol is just not anywhere near as necessary this time around. The two of them can only benefit from it too. To feel every square millimeter of each other’s bodies and to have that electricity of first and second time intimate coupling is what should be on everyone’s mind. That kind of thing has my dick straining in it’s chastity device and leaking cuck tears.

                            In the words of one of Madonna’s songs, time goes by so slowly!

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                              Thank you so much for sharing.

                              It sounds like you are enthusiastic to nurse their relationship to quickly mature. You’re at the initialpart of curve of this lifestyle change. Move slowly ahead and savor every moment. They will make it grow. Enjoy listening to where they want to go. I’m really envious. It’ll be so exciting to hear about how this unfolds.

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                                  Thanks TransStar,

                                  My wife set off from home only a few minutes ago and I am already recalling the time I kept her company while she was getting ready for her second date. She looked divine and radiant as she applied her make-up and did her hair. Prior to that, she had a private bath. I watched her pull up her hold-ups and position everything with care. I couldn’t help myself. I came up to her from behind and embraced her. Kissing her neck as I did so and telling her how I enjoyed watching my wife prepare herself for another man to enjoy. Her face glowed even more upon hearing that from me. Now I have to be patient and hope that the second round is equally as fantastic for her as the first.

                                  The next twelve hours or so are going to be bitter/sweet. Bitter because I am unable at this time to watch or listen to their interactions and physical couplings but sweet because I know that this is potentially a long game and we’re only just at the start!

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                                    Cathy & Jerry

                                      Congratulations Cuckmatt

                                      We’re both very happy for you and your lovely wife. She will have the lover of her dreams (hopefully) and you’ll be the complete cuckold you have been dreaming of of being. If her love affair moves along quickly maybe she’ll be willing to cut you off of intercourse, at least while she has a terrific cock taking care of her needs. I know how excited I was to finally be cuckolded then eventually cut off, but I can say with all honesty that what excited me the most was when my pretty wife came to me and told me that she was in love with her boyfriend. When I told her that I was very happy to hear that she called him over. When he was here he walked up to me and put out his hand to shake mine and said “Thank you for being so understanding and allowing me to be your wife’s lover.” He also said “I am very much in love with Cathy and I promise to treat her like the queen she is, and I also promise that I’ll never try to take her away from you because she loves you very much”. It felt like what I was hoping to happen in this lifestyle had finally reached the point I had always hoped it would. We’re hoping you reach that point as well very soon. You might not be hoping that she falls in love with her “lover” but maybe you do, it’s a lovely thing! 🙂

                                      We await to hear more about her coupling/love making.

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                                        Thanks Cathy & Jerry,

                                        We have a tracking app on all the cell phones in the family. I watched her journey to his house boat. There is a bar very close by but they definitely skipped the bar and headed straight to his place. They’ve been there about 15 minutes. I hope that he is already reminding her of how much enjoyment his cock can give her. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out though, unless she treats me to a surprise WhatsApp message before then?!?

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                                        Cathy & Jerry

                                          Fingers crossed for you here 🙂

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                                        Well it is approaching 7am and the last contact that I had with my wife was 10 hours ago, via WhatsApp. She wrote, “Love you. Thinking of you while I’m having fun. Xx”. I responded with a couple of loving emojis but that wasn’t acknowledged until a couple of hours later. The fact that she is still there suggests that they were enjoying each other enormously and in a much more sober manner.

                                        I can’t wait to hear from her!

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                                          It got to around 10am and I hadn’t heard from my wife so I thought I’d send a tongue in cheek question. Keeping it vague so that she could decide how much of an answer she gave. Check out the screenshot! Oh my!! I love my wife and can’t wait to see her come through the door, beaming from ear to ear!!

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                                            My wife is currently napping in our sun drenched conservatory. Absolutly shattered for all the right reasons. On her drive back home, she couldn’t express enough how happy she was with the sex between her and her new FWB! They’d chatted for a few hours and enjoyed a small amount of drinks over a few hours. My wife remained pretty sober throughout and C (we’ll call him) measured his drinking too. From 10pm until around 2am, it was pretty much non-stop sex for them. She told me how she now realises that he is brilliant fuck. He knows how to tease her with his superior cock in just the right ways and how he knows how to give her just what she needs and when she needs it.

                                            Due to the cramped conditions on the boat, I was told that apart from the morning sex that they had, it was all missionary with LOTS of passionate kissing, which she likes a LOT too. She lost count of the number of times that he brought her to incredible climaxes! And this morning, they awoke and had incredible sex again. Starting with my wife going down on his cut cock for a while. He definitely has problems ejaculating when the under the influence it seems but this morning, my wife brought him close enough with her mouth before jumping on his cock and riding him to both their orgasms and her first experience of him cumming inside her. He complimented my wife on her oral skills, lamenting how she gave the best he had ever had!

                                            They have decided that their arrangements are to continue. No date has been set yet but once more, it can’t come soon enough for me. I have floated the idea of me treating her to a nice Italian meal at a restaurant that I know of that is part of a hotel for her birthday in a month’s time.
                                            The hotel/restaurant are only a mile or so from where C’s home is moored. Her face lit up when I suggested that I get the pleasure of taking her for a birthday meal but C will have opportunity to use the hotel room for the night with her, providing her with birthday sex while I drive home. Only returning the next day to pick her up. Fingers crossed for that one!

                                            I hope that tonight my wife will release my aching dick and maybe give it a nice edging while going into more details of last night. Once again, I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going currently and my wife has expressed how lucky she feels to have a husband that is happy for his wife to seek sexual satisfaction from another man. I love her more than I thought possible right now!

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                                                it is incredibly beautiful to read that someone loves his wife so much that he is happy to allow her to truly love a second man as well.

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                                                Thanks for the update.
                                                So C came in your wife? They both must have enjoyed that intimacy. Perhaps a romance is beginning to develop!

                                                What’s it like to know your wife was under another man — welcoming his tongue in her mouth and his cock in her pussy? Seems clear she already prefers him to you sexually. She’s fortunate to have a husband that is proud to be a locked, supportive cuckold. Nicely done, Matt! Enjoy your cuckold status.

                                                Are you discovering you want to tell others? Friends? Family? Is there someone that would celebrate w you besides your friends on this site?

                                                Say hey to your wife from us!

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                                                    Hi TransStar,

                                                    It’s everything I thought it would be, so far. Knowing that another man with a superior cock was making love to my wife is incredibly exciting. Knowing he was stretching her like I could never, and then depositing his genetics inside of her has my cage working overtime! I do think that romance is not on the cards though. Certainly not yet, anyway. But the kissing that she tells me of sounds very intimate indeed and she loves it!

                                                    There isn’t anyone that I wish to tell about this in particular. My wife says that her brother’s partner knows and I haven’t seen her for a while. I don’t think she would say anything. She’s into the hotwife lifestyle too, so she has some idea of discretion. A couple of colleagues that my wife has know of her activities. One of which will never breathe a word of it to me (I also work with her) or anyone else. The other is more of a business associate. She may very well say something to me. We’ll find out soon enough with her. And an old friend is visiting today that knows about our kinky past and has participated in some historic kinky adventures with us. We did some swapping many years ago. She will no doubt be getting the full low down today.

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                                                  Cathy & Jerry

                                                    Congratulations, you’re now a full fledged cuckold, keep us up to date please. It’s nice to see another successful coupling, they just might fall in love!

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                                                    Ricky Joiner

                                                      Congrats to you… and your wife! So much in your posts that I (and my wife) can relate to. We seem to be further along the road in our success story than you but those early memories are still fresh in my mind…. the date preparation… the waiting to hear from her…. the greetings the morning after…. and that special time of togetherness as she talks about her time with her lover.

                                                      Things have moved on now. They are still seeing each other. He lives quite close, and we have even recruited another couple in the locality to the lifestyle. TransStar knows much of our story – too drawn out for here.

                                                      Sounds like the next stage for you both is for your wife to introduce you to her lover and form a lasting friendship. There is something sublimely erotic in having dinner together, chatting over a few glasses of wine, and then the evening ending with your wife taking her lover off to bed for the night, leaving you with the guest bedroom.

                                                      Those are the times when you don’t mind being kept awake half the night, and getting a noisy wake up call next morning!

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                                                          Hi Ricky and thanks!

                                                          I have waited for these days for what seems like an eternity and now they are here, they are, so far, everything I’d hoped for. Meeting C could be a little way off yet. But I’m a patient person. Being in the vicinity of their coupling….being able to listen or see it must be so incredibly exciting. Listening to one’s wife moan in pleasure, the sounds of their lips coming together in a passionate embrace, the slamming of bodies together? It sounds like heaven to me. If if it was once in a blue moon, I’d be happy. Fingers crossed for that, for sure!

                                                          My wife told me that she is going to play a little waiting game now though. She wants him to come to her, in terms of making the first move yo arrange their third date, which I think is fair. Although that said, if his cock and the way he uses is so good, my wife may not be able to hold out! In the meantime though, I’ve been told that our penis sleeve/extender is to be put to use more often. Hopefully with that being closer in size to him, she will direct me in the ways that C fucks her. That would be nice, to try and imitate him.

                                                          Fingers crossed it will be sooner rather than later that I can report back with more news.

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                                                        Ricky Joiner

                                                          Look forward to it!

                                                          Secret is not to push things. Let your wife run at her own pace. She has to develop a relationship with him first and then feel comfortable with being in the presence of you both. With my wife’s first lover she spent a little while getting to know him on her own before bringing me on the scene. He didn’t last long because he got a bit pushy with her. The guy she is with now is in complete contrast. We get on great – apart from the fact that he supports Arsenal!

                                                          Your idea about paying for a hotel room for the night for them is an excellent one. Last summer we booked a holiday cottage for a week, which I paid for. I let them have a few days on their own before I joined them. Being away from our locality meant they could behave like a couple – hold hands.. cuddle.. that sort of thing. We had a great time.

                                                          Other suggestions – if you haven’t already done this, take your wife to her favourite lingerie shop, let her choose a few things to wear for him and then pay for them. Lets her know that you are more than fully supportive of their relationship. My wife more or less has a separate wardrobe of things she wears especially for him.

                                                          Enjoy these interesting times!

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                                                            Hi Ricky.

                                                            Thanks for the input. I have accepted your friend request by the way.

                                                            Believe me, I am letting my wife dictate the pace of everything. I have to. We agreed to a FLR and all that comes with it. I must just simply support and encourage her choices. And where I get an opportunity to have some input, then I will for sure!

                                                            There are a couple of flys in ointment in terms of her developing things beyond a FWB dynamic but I’m not going to go into that here. That’s not for public divulging. But it is early days yet, let’s say. The thought of them dating, out and proud is such a thrilling one. The restaurant/hotel idea I thought would be a good way of opening that door for them a little. And it really would show him my willing for their relationship, but that idea is still being kicked about by my wife. It’s a wait and see for that one.

                                                            I love to buy my wife clothes and lingerie. Unfortunately for me, my wife hates the whole shopping experience. She knows what she likes and she orders most things online and usually from Next. I’ve been pretty good over the years with my choices for her though. Only on a couple of occasions has she not really liked what I bought for her. She really detests the idea of expensive lingerie though. Buying it herself or having it bought for her. She just doesn’t see the point of it. I will get her some for the restaurant/hotel date if she agrees to that. I’ll just have to down play the price.

                                                            I like the idea of your wife having a separate wardrobe that only he lover gets to see. That’s commitment to the cause right there!! Maybe if things go well, we can enjoy similar experiences to the ones you have. Keep your fingers crossed!

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                                                            Ricky Joiner

                                                              My wife sounds quite the opposite as far as shopping is concerned. She will shop till she she drops! There was a time when I would be dragged round shops kicking and screaming but now she either goes out on her own (or with her bf) or if with me, I find somewhere to relax and have a pint or two!

                                                              Maybe your wife doesn’t feel comfortable sleeping over in a hotel? Another option would be for you to offer to have a night away and her bf can come over. Maybe she would feel more comfortable within her own surroundings. I would imagine her bf would very much enjoy taking your place in her bed! I know my wife’s bf enjoys staying over and sleeping in my side of the bed.

                                                              Anyway, as you say, it is early days. It may be that she’s not quite sure if the relationship with her bf has legs! Women tend to be more circumspect in these situations than men. We do tend to be led by our dicks!

                                                            • #38583

                                                                How did you go about getting your wife to agree to an FLR? Mine thinks it means it will be more work for her. I’m trying to help her realize she can delegate to me at her whim.

                                                                • #38584

                                                                    Hi TransStar,

                                                                    My wife being the kind of woman that she is, we were already 80% there really. She is the bigger wage earner, she generally gets what she wants in the home and at work. By her own admission, she is a control freak.
                                                                    The remaining 20% (it may have been less) revolved around me relinquishing control of a few personal aspects to our lives.

                                                                    I’m a very laid back kind of person in what I do, say, eat and wear so I have had to adapt some of those aspects of my life. I already did the vast majority of the chores at home but instead of me wearing my usual layabout clothes of jeans and hoody (during winter months), I have to look a little bit smarter, and so the hoody is relegated and the smart jumpers that she prefers me to wear are promoted. During the summer, the it’ll be shirts or plain t-shirts with jeans instead of the logo’d t-shirts I usually wear.

                                                                    I have not to contradict her or question any dad to day decisions that she makes. I have to bring her flowers at least once a month. I have to compliment her much more frequently. Just generally make more of a fuss of her. That means that in the bedroom, her pleasure must always come first and it maybe that I get none at all! I think I mentioned it one of my earlier posts upon returning to this site, that in recent years, my orgasms had lost their appeal to me. They just didn’t feel anywhere near as nice as they used to do and I would much prefer to edge or be edged. When your wife prefers hard and fast sex, edging sex just doesn’t work. So I looked forward to edging inside my wife previously but her itch wasn’t being scratched. Quite selfish of me really. That changed. Until she hooked up with C, if she said she wanted a good fucking, that meant no edge for me and a disappointing orgasm to boot. It maybe disappointing but it doesn’t hurt me. 24 hours after her first coupling with C, she had me fuck her. She just needed it to be me, her husband inside her. And that’s what I did. I even cleaned her up afterwards without being asked to. And that was 3 weeks ago I think.

                                                                    It is all about her now. Any sexual attention I get is a huge bonus to me now and I make sure that she knows I appreciate it. The bottom line is, that her life in general gets easier and nicer and her sexual needs come first and foremost. Hopefully, combining all that and the extra, fantastic sex that she has has and hopefully will be getting regularly, will only cement the dynamic that bit more.

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                                                                    Well I didn’t expect to be going into that conversation soon after waking, but I suppose it was as good a time for it as any.

                                                                    With or without the contraceptive pill, the whole dynamic has been very much present in my wife’s mind. Sometimes it’s joyous recollections, sometimes it’s doubt and other times curiosity. Last night she wanted some passion from me (including sex), so I gave it my all…..for about 2 minutes until I finished with my usual disappointing orgasm but it was about my wife wanted. This morning my wife woke a little time before me and once more, she went off in her head to that cuckolding place, so when I awoke, she wanted to talk about it. It was probably more of an affirmation than anything though. A stop check to confirm that we are doing the right thing and to reassure that we love each other and that love will only be between my wife and I……..and how to avoid it becoming between my wife and the two men in her life. She agreed that she was thinking far too much into things and getting way ahead of herself, but as she had been there in her head, let’s talk about it. I pointed out the glaringly obvious hurdles to my wife and her FWB falling for one and other that have been there from before we got started. He lives on a narrow boat, has a slight dependency on alcohol and a certain level social anxiety (maybe connected, maybe not) that make him anything but good boyfriend material.

                                                                    We talked about these issues and I reminded her that she has only seen him twice and there is also a chance that he has revealed all the lovemaking tools that he has at his disposal, possibly revealing him to be extremely vanilla in his sexual outlook. I reiterated that they need to utilise hotels. Get him out of his comfort zone, literally and metaphorically, where there is space for the wilder sex that my wife craves and if that works out and he does have more skills in his bag, then that’s a bonus.

                                                                    This kind of led to the part of the discussion about how all good things must come to an end. Deep down, I know I don’t want any of this to end. I want it to go from strength to strength. I’d love nothing more than for my wife and her FWB to become more of a dating type dynamic but as mentioned, the not insignificant issues are going to make that transition very doubtful so in the meantime, and I said this in our conversation, my wife should try and put any and all negative aspects to this dynamic to one side and just enjoy the great sex she is getting from him and treat it for what it is. Simply three adults enjoying consensual sex together in way or another and nothing more. My wife can’t help herself from thinking that one day, it has to end though and finding another guy that will tick all the right boxes is going to be impossible. She can’t see yet that however long this relationship lasts, it can only strengthen her confidence to seek out other men if and when this particular relationship fizzles out. Perhaps even better men are out there for her. Better cocks, better lovers, dominants etc. I’m hoping that if right now, we’ve only got one door open on this journey of sexual exploration and my wife is already liking what she’s found, that it will only embolden her to try more doors, more men and to get out there and find the next perfect match and subconsciously, she’s thinking along those lines too. Spending £300 (nearly $400) to have the contraceptive Coil fitted, that will last for 10 years is some commitment to extramarital sex.

                                                                    My wife has said that in all liklihood, she is going to dig a little deeper into his psyche. He is well aware that she is married. She mentions me fairly frequently in the conversations but so far, all their conversations have been quite superficial. No deep and meaningfuls. Well it’s time to go a little deeper and talk more of kinks and fetishes. To find out how much he knows of cuckolding, hotwifing, swinging etc. I don’t care what anybody says, her FWB has to have done a little researching on the subject since this all began. He asked her about her tattoo, a BDSM emblem, and she told him. So again, if he didn’t already have some BDSM knowledge, I’m pretty sure he would have looked it up. I mean he used to be a Stripper so he must have heard of some BDSM elements during his stripping days. He just can not be that vanilla, that innocent. It can’t be possible. Once that conversation is had, we should be able to address the occasional interaction/involvement between him, my wife and me.

                                                                    They have agreed to meet again in the next couple of weeks or so and I’m going to try and persuade my wife to make it birthday sex in the hotel that I will be pay for. I’ve already floated the idea to her and if she can lure him out of his crib for the night, it’ll be on. Fingers crossed for things to continue in the right direction!

                                                                  • #38593

                                                                      Your wife has a husband that checks off most boxes. C needs to check these boxes: great lover, big dick, respectful, handsome.

                                                                    • #38622

                                                                        Hi TransStar,

                                                                        So far, he’s checking all the right boxes off and hopefully, someday soon, he’ll check off the “communicates with husband” box.

                                                                      • #38623

                                                                          Well, today is the day that my wife heads to a private clinic to have the contraceptive coil fitted (almost $400) so that she can finally experience completely, unadulterated sexual release. After her first coupling with her FWB, she resorted to the Morning After pill and after that, bought the contraceptive pill online and that played havoc with her hormone. One minute she was on cloud 9 and the next minute she was confused and very sad. No way to go through life.

                                                                          We touched on the subject briefly last night and she confirmed that she is excited to see C again. Excited to experience the 10/10 sex once more and to generally just be in his relaxing company. We’re still a full week away from that but just hearing her voice when talking about it, her unbridled enthusiasm is such a turn on for me.

                                                                          It will be her 39th birthday in 20 days and so I will be doing everything to encourage her sleeping with C on or around her birthday and in comfortable hotel room at my expense. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying all this and only wish we could have had this amount of fun 12 years ago!

                                                                        • #38624

                                                                            You should have just had the boyfriend get a vasectomy so that the wife does not have to have her vagina messed with and the burden of contraception is placed on the lover or lovers. Besides the expense you had to go through is not what you can afford in this Biden economy.

                                                                            • #38625

                                                                                Hi CCwifetjhusband,

                                                                                How do you go from having coupled twice only to telling the guy he needs to get a vasectomy?? 100% of the time, the “boyfriend” would run a mile. That is unequivocal. So if my wife wants to continue having great sex with this guy, the choice is condoms or female contraception. There are no other options. The pill doesn’t work for my wife and nothing else comes close to bring as reliable as the Coil. It’s just unfortunate that in a post-pandemic UK, free NHS contraception (or any other medical treatment) now has a bit of waiting list due to staffing levels and supply issues.

                                                                                I understand that inflation is rampant over there in the States but I can assure you, we’re getting it too. We’ve been at $9+ per gallon for several years now. But I digress. This isn’t a place for politics.

                                                                            • #38633

                                                                                Less than a week to go to date 3 and my wife is getting excited for it. The 10 year contraceptive coil is in and settled and the only thing that scupper her plans is for her period to show up any time now, so fingers crossed, that doesn’t happen!

                                                                                Apparently he will be cooking them a meal on this occasion. All very cosy and less FWB like and more date like! Just thinking that and typing it makes my dick stir somewhat! I really hope that the impossible happens and they start acting more like couple with each other. As I’ve outlined before though, due to his circumstances and personal character traits, I do think that the meal cooking is a just a convenient way to show some appreciation for the sex he had been getting without resorting to spending money on a restaurant and venturing beyond the safe confines of his boat. I am just guessing there though.

                                                                                Our youngest child is possibly going to be going to her grandparents for an overnight stay on the same night, so there is is half a chance that I could get myself to a fairly close proximity of my wife and her FWB and catch a small sound show at least? I won’t be able to make that call until the night itself but the thought has definitely crossed my mind.

                                                                                Apart from that, I’m hoping that my wife does start the conversation about me and how the dynamic needs to turn in to a 3 way relationship so fingers crossed for that too!

                                                                                • #38636
                                                                                  Cathy & Jerry

                                                                                    I tried to post this but it disappeared, if it doubles then I apologize for that.

                                                                                    Reading about you hoping to have a good three way relationship with your wife and her lover reminded me of our own situation. Being friends with your wife’s lover/boyfriend is terrific, speaking as someone who knows this very well. Cathy’s boyfriend and I go fishing together and play golf together, we’re very good friends. Of course we often get into conversations about Cathy, and Ken has no problems telling me how much he loves how tight her pussy is and how she thrusts up to make his thrusts harder and deeper into her because he knows that it turns me on immensely.

                                                                                    I still remember the time we were sitting in his boat sipping on beers with our lines in the water and he said “I have something to ask you and if you say you don’t like what I have to ask you then I’ll respect your answer. I of course was curious and said “ok, what’s up?” He pulled a small box out of his pocket and opened it up to show me a small gold ring with a row of small diamonds along it. I joked and said “Oh Ken, you shouldn’t have, but what will I tell Cathy?” He laughed and said “Ok I take it then you know who it’s for, so what do you think? I’d like to have Cathy wear it alongside of her wedding rings, but only if you tell me you’re ok with it”. I was a little bit surprised but not shocked because I already knew that they were in love with each other as they told me. Actually in all honesty I got a little woody right then and told him I’d be happy to see him give it to her.

                                                                                    Well that made him happy for sure but nowhere near as happy as when he stood in front of her that evening. opened the box and asked her if she would wear his ring with her wedding rings. She was shocked and looked at me, I just smiled and nodded my head and she turned to him and hugged him, kissed him and told him she’d be happy to wear it. He slipped it on to her finger, it was a little large but he got that corrected later. They stood there and kissed passionately for a few minutes then we all went out for dinner and I paid. I knew right then that my cuckolding just got kicked up a notch and I loved it lol. Needless to say that after dinner they spent many hours upstairs making love, very noisy love! 🙂

                                                                                • #38637

                                                                                    What a wonderful modern romance story. Thanks for sharing, Jerry. I’m so envious. Having a wife in a LTR with your good friend while she denies you… priceless!

                                                                                    Do you think Ken or Cathy might ever post here? I’d enjoy hear Ken tell us how he enjoys your wife.

                                                                                    • #38643
                                                                                      Cathy & Jerry

                                                                                        TransStar Cathy does post and reply quite often in here, just search for our posts and replies and you’ll see some of hers. As for Ken, no, he doesn’t know we are in any online cuckold groups, that’s our thing alone. Cathy is with me at this moment reading all that Cuckmatt has posted/replied to and loves to see that he’s doing so well in this lifestyle, she sends him hugs and says to tell him that she’s proud of him, I’m proud of him as well!

                                                                                    • #38638

                                                                                        Are you completely denied or do you occasionally get to clean Cathy after she is with Ken? Does Ken tease you about it? Do you let Ken know you enjoy the taste of his semen?

                                                                                        • #38644
                                                                                          Cathy & Jerry

                                                                                            TransStar I do get to clean Cathy from time to time when Ken is here to spend evenings and weekend with Cathy, I enjoy it very much. Ken will tease a little but not very much. He’ll ask me things like “how does my cum taste mixed with Cathy’s juices?” or “when you’re licking and sucking our juices off of my cock which do you enjoy more, our juices or sucking my cock”? lol. And yes I have told him many times that his semen is on the sweet side, very rarely is it salty, he likes that. I have also told him that I get the most excited when I get to see his sperm leaking heavily from Cathy’s pussy just before I lick it up because I know that there’s still much more deep inside of her. 🙂

                                                                                        • #38647

                                                                                            Clean up is very bonding for us. Especially kissing with my Boyfriend’s semen. This way we both share a bit of the experience together. I think it’s extremely important to keep hubby involved from start to finish.

                                                                                            • #38648

                                                                                                Hi Luvinsunshine,

                                                                                                My wife and I was only discussing how different she tasted on her return home from her previous stay over, even though it was about 2 hours later and most of her FWB’s semen had been lost or absorbed by the time that she had gotten home. They are meeting again this coming Saturday but she has to be present at a wedding fayre in a one of the hotels that she manages sales for straight after, so there will be even less for me to savour upon her return.

                                                                                                But right now, I’m just still beaming at the fact that there is a third coupling happening and my wife’s enthusiasm is only growing! It really is exciting times and there is still a chance that she is going to try and talk him into the hotel visit that I have talked about further up this thread. If that happens, I’m almost guaranteed to be able to go down on her as soon as he has left her side which I will be so happy to do! If words of adoration and encouragement have been enough for her so far, having me carefully and lovingly clean their joint lovemaking left-overs will surely cement the deal!

                                                                                            • #38649

                                                                                                Pumping is loaded into your wife and and watching you with residuals off your cock must give Ken great satisfaction.
                                                                                                Is anyone inquired about the additional wedding band on your wife’s finger?

                                                                                                Cuckold Matt,
                                                                                                Don’t assume there will be a straight line progression to your couple dream. Ricky’s Wife Just ended the relationship with her Second bull

                                                                                                • #38650


                                                                                                    I don’t understand what you’re saying. Can you remind me of what I have assumed?

                                                                                                  • #38652
                                                                                                    Cathy & Jerry


                                                                                                      Yes he loves to know that I enjoy his semen in my wife and he thinks it’s great that I enjoy the taste of him in her or on his cock. As for the ring, a few people who know us have asked what it’s for and we just tell them that we renewed our vows and the ring was an addition during our vows, they all just say “Ok, cool”! lol

                                                                                                      And to reply in regards to what you mentioned to Cuckmatt, I doubt that he thinks there will be a “straight line progression” but is more like “hoping” that there will be. There’s no guarantees about anything in this lifestlye, more like hopes and dreams that everything both parties desire are fulfilled. There are many more fish in the sea to hook so he and his wife will do just fine if they understand this and don’t give up if a love affair/tryst ends. He’s doing very well with his progression with his wife and we’re so happy to read about it. My wife has had 24 lovers in the 16 years she has been cuckolding me and every new lover seems to bring even more excitement into her/our lives. We might be a little down when an affair ends but we know she’ll be back in the saddle in no time lol.

                                                                                                  • #38653

                                                                                                      it would be great fun to renew wedding vows.
                                                                                                      You vow to give your wife her sexual freedom while staying chaste.
                                                                                                      She vows to fuck whomever she wishes while staying your loving slut wife.
                                                                                                      Ken agrees to fuck your slut wife every chance he gets and to be a good friend to you.
                                                                                                      Invite us to you ceremony!
                                                                                                      Ken will consummate the vows on your behalf while we stay at the bar.

                                                                                                      24 lovers? Your wife is a slut! Some guys have all the luck.

                                                                                                      Cuckold Matt,
                                                                                                      Maybe I read too much into your “cement the deal” comment. Jerry had a good follow-up response

                                                                                                      Do you prefer your wife wife having more than one lover at a time? One stable lover? Or going from one to the next every few months to keep things interesting?

                                                                                                    • #38657

                                                                                                        I can’t wait for the details!

                                                                                                      • #38659

                                                                                                          OK, so I’ve just had a debrief conversation with my wife as she travelled back (to work unfortunately for me) and all the signs are positive. Not much changed in terms of the kind of sex they had but her FWB is consistent if nothing else. Consistent in giving her the sex she needs and is growing to love and it’s the kind that I can’t compete with. For a start, he has me beat in the girth stakes and my wife just told me that she can feel the aftermath of their coupling. That’s something that she has never said about our sex. She said that just talking about things like that got her all tingly too. I told her that it gives me the tingles when she tells me things like that! He’s definitely doing things to her insides that I could never do.

                                                                                                          We got on to the subject of her feeling bad for me again. I reminded her that at for now, if the bare minimum I get is titillation from hearing about their coupling and the occasion edging from her, then I’m happy! Any more is a bonus. Foreplay without the intercourse, outercourse etc. I’m not going to lie, I was getting excited and hard just hearing some of the details and what it does to her when she thinks back to the sex and she can look forward to more of it too. THAT really excites me.

                                                                                                          Because of the industry we work in and some of the practices of the industry (hotels), my wife is going to organise a hotel for them both, in a neutral city that will happen one day after her birthday, and unless something comes up, he has no objection to the plan. So she will be able to go the whole way in glamming herself up for him and they’ll be able to enjoy more space and comfort for their sex together. They will be able to enjoy a restaurant meal together beforehand if they like. It’s not entirely what I had in mind but it excites me no less and my wife is excited about the fourth coupling too. It also turns out that the arrangement they have been enjoying is something that her FWB is beginning to enjoy and relax more with.

                                                                                                          They touched briefly on relationships and dynamics last night and a full blown girlfriend/boyfriend relationship is not something is looking for. It doesn’t want that level of connection. It’s too much. He’s very happy to have my wife as occasional, slightly regular company and to have some sexual intimacy and release with. I think that their sexual organs are really becoming accustomed to each other. Hopefully this will mean that I will one day become cut off from intercourse of any kind, completely from my wife. Related to that, my wife said that after her birthday coupling with him, she will take a month break from him. This is to loosen any bond that may be developing between them. I assured her that if that is what she wants to do, I will completely support her but I also told her that having some regularity means that she has something sexually positive to look forward to with clockwork frequency, which I don’t think is a bad thing for her.

                                                                                                          They did have a conversation kinks too. It turns out that he is a little coy of confessing his darkest secrets so soon but he does have a little swinging experience and so isn’t completely green about things. He doesn’t really have a dominant side to him unfortunately. Just a damn good cock and a damn good method of use with it, but as he is becoming more relaxed with things, I’m confident that direct involvement in some way between myself and him IS on the cards. I think if I haven’t had any direct involvement after the next couple of meets, I will step up and introduce myself in some fashion and start with a thank you to him for looking after my wife.

                                                                                                          From my perspective, so far, so good!

                                                                                                        • #38660

                                                                                                            Glad to hear everyone enjoyed the coupling.

                                                                                                            Here is another option to not being with the guy for a month to prevent getting a case of the feelings. Be with someone else in the interim. Yup, if she were to have great sexy with a per person it kinda diminishes the feelings she has for her houseboat guy.

                                                                                                            • #38661

                                                                                                                That’s not really an option though is it. That’s the stuff of fantasy for husbands who wish to be involved in the Hotwife lifestyle. Even then, finding somebody worthy is no easy thing. In my wife’s words, we’ve stumbled on to a bit of a unicorn. The guy is visually attractive to her, intelligent enough to hold a conversation that keeps her intrigued and engaged, has a good sized cock and knows how to use it. This is cuckolding, not hot-wifeing. If it was hot-wifeing, she could go out every weekend and get laid but that’s not what we want.

                                                                                                            • #38662