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        I’m a submissive male from Croatia and feel happiest when playing the supportive role in a “female led relationship”. I’ve never felt totaly happy with the typical gender roles asigned to me by society. However, it’s taken many years for me to come to terms with my true nature, that of a submissive “beta” male. 

        Although I have no interest in cross dressing, I would define myself as a “male wife”. Seeking to reverse the traditional gender roles. Putting my partners career first, providing domestic services, including household chores, property maintenance, yard work and all other menial tasks. I would also like to be a friend, companion and errand boy. 

        My submission is further deepend by the use of chastity. The presence of the chastity device is a constant reminder of my role as a beta male. It also keeps me focused as a submissive. In addition, it would free my partner from any concern as to my sexual behaviour when we are not together, acting as an extension of her authority over me. 

        My ultimate goal is permanent chastity within a loving matriarchal relationship, I feel that as a beta male I should never initiate sex (including masturbation). However, I would always be responsive to my partners needs and engage fully in any sexual activity initiated by her. I would demonstrate my commitment to her by making her orgasm the exclusive focus of our lovemaking. Finding my own reward in pleasing her. 

        In addition to chastity, I am also interested in cuckolding, bondage, restraint and humiliation. 

        Outside of BDSM I am well educated and interested in all aspects of arts and culture. 
        I’m not involved in the club scene (although I have no objections to joining it). I’m single and not married.. 
        I like cycling and keep to a relatively healthy diet. 

        I am looking for an attractive dominant woman to build a lasting relationship with, eventually leading to a cuckold marriage. I would also like to be her friend, companion and errand boy. 
        If this profile interests you, I’m always happy to exchange messages with anybody in the lifestyle; drop me a line if you’d like to talk, I’m always polite and friendly. 
        I would like to meet on-line at first, then in person if we are mutually compatible.

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