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        Hello friends,
        I’m a 45 year old man and since many years I love the cuckold lifestyle and I just want to introduce myself and share my thoughts about cheating and what I would feel to be a cuck.
        Unfortunately I’m still not in such a relationship but I know it would help my wife a lot to be really satisfied because with my potency it is not so easy anymore, so that we are very rarely intimate.
        I’m sure she would like to have really hot sex, but marriage makes a woman feel tied up.
        I have thought a lot and know that the Cuckold lifestyle would be the best for us as she would not give up on me as her husband.
        She would absolutely have my permission to officially cheat on me and I would be happy to look into her shining eyes if she came from a date.
        She will feel alive again, really loved again, beautifully fucked and will really enjoy the wonderful feeling of warm sperm inside her after a long time of abstinence.
        I hope sometime soon she follows this wonderful lifestyle, which gives her hot joy and lust back and makes her feel much more like a natural woman again.
        I think it only takes the first time again, the first date, the first kiss and the first really good fuck with everything that goes with it and with a great man she loves very much and then a woman is sure convinced right?

        Thanks and warm cordial regards

        My attitude to the topic and other thoughts you find in my Bio.

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          This sounds fine as far as the desire to try cuckoldry, what you haven’t said here is if you have bought up the topic with your wife. She would have the final say on this.

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