Empowered with my key around my neck and james in chastity, I met a young 30 something single male who had reached out to me expressing an interest to meet.

Though my desire is and declaration has been to have black bulls, ‘Z’ is white.  After a lengthy text exchange of me explaining to ‘Z’ my desires and sharing the CM website  (in particular my profile and posts), reading his well written and enthusiastic responses and finally seeing photos of him, in particular his cock that appeared endowed, I was intrigued. I decided to set up a meeting to get acquainted. But as important as his cock size, was his enthusiastic grasp of our desires of finding the right partner to round out the relationship of three that we’re seeking,

You might wonder why I’m looking when I have a boyfriend. Though I enjoy our sex and the intense pleasure I receive from ‘A’, circumstances don’t allow our relationship to get beyond the bedroom. Dating doesn’t seem to be an option with ‘A’ and to be honest I want that and much more…to be clear I’m certainly not calling it quits with ‘A’.  I desire a more complete relationship of three that includes my cuckold, james.

After a date and time was set, we met ‘Z’ on an unusually rainy night in the desert. Arriving ahead of the men, I was lucky to snag a private, dark and cozy spot in the lounge of a popular restaurant complete with a love seat, perfect for ‘Z’ to get a close-up view of my sexy outfit, take in the scent of my perfume and clearly see the ‘key’ I wore as a charm to my necklace. While I was sipping my pinot, across the table james, my obedient cuck, sat nursing his Stella until ‘Z’ arrived, who happened to be running late. When he arrived, ‘Z’ had that nervous excitement of a young boy, which I thought was endearing. Just like his photos depicted he was tall, lean and extremely cute and as we started chatting, it was obvious that he was very mature and bright minded.


The three of us had a really nice and in depth conversation on a variety of subjects, from the usual pleasantries to a descriptive exchange of our varied sexual histories and desires. ‘Z’, shared his story of how he was ‘picked up’ at the frozen dessert isle of a grocery store, attempting to satisfy his sweet tooth while on a particularly long business trip.  An attractive ‘older’ couple literally bumped into him and chatted him up.  ‘Z’ was so enthralled by the attention he was getting and the racy outfit the woman was wearing, that without hesitation, ‘Z’ eagerly accepted the couple’s invitation to their home that same evening.  ‘Z’ didn’t need ice cream that night as the woman, once home changed into sexy lingerie and led him back to the bedroom.  This particular night opened up to ‘Z’ an exciting lifestyle that he wanted more of and most importantly woke up his senses and sexuality. I loved hearing his stories and could tell that he was eager to continue with his sexual adventures. The more we talked he became much more relaxed and I could tell by the bulge between his legs that he was getting aroused. Meanwhile across the table I sensed james’s penis might have begun to swell in its block.

After awhile, I knew the moment had arrived that james and I had previously discussed would be necessary. Very aroused, I leaned over to ‘Z’ and told him that the only way I would know whether or not I would take this beyond our initial meeting was if I could have a personal viewing of his erect cock.  Without hesitation, ‘Z’ agreed to meet me outside. Leaving james behind to save our seats, I excused myself to use the ladies room and then nonchalantly met him out front.

Once we were both outside of the restaurant, I led my eager friend to the parking garage up to the second level where our car was parked. Unlocking the door, I asked ‘Z’ to join me in the back seat. When we were both inside the car, I locked the doors and then asked ‘Z’ to pull out his cock. Anne 1After unbuckling and unzipping his pants, he slid his sexy briefs down, and to my pleasant surprise his aroused cock popped out. His cock and pubic area were clean and smooth. With just a little coaxing from me his cock sprang to almost a full erection in a short time…I admit I did give him a little assistance by stroking and sucking (I probably didn’t need to but I couldn’t keep my hands and mouth to myself and ‘Z’ certainly didn’t mind). ‘Z’ was not allowed to touch me when we were in the car.  Anne 2I was very pleased at the length and girth that he rose to, but ‘Z’ assured me that it wasn’t fully erect because of the seated position he was in; the front seats had not been pulled forward. Imagine a 6’-4” man in the back seat of a mid-sized SUV! After I was very satisfied with what I saw, I decided to take a couple of photos of ‘Z’s cock to text and tease james with. james immediately responded to my text with “Oh my!” After the texting I instructed ‘Z’ to pull up his pants and we then left the car and returned to the restaurant; waiting for us, as the obedient cuck should, james smiled as we reappeared.  As I sat down, I felt empowered by having openly in front of james taken ‘Z’ to the car and teasing him with what happened.

Our conversation picked up where it left off and after sharing a dessert, we left the restaurant to end the evening and agreed to set our first date in the upcoming week. I gave ‘Z’ a quick kiss and we went our separate ways.

To be fair, it’s ‘Z’s interest in the cuckold lifestyle and his willingness to date in public that has me wanting to pursue this possible relationship, so I am eager to see what the future holds.

Up next…the first date. 🙂