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        we got into cuckolding at a young age which is very uncommon. the crazy part was we did a lot before we even knew what a cuckold or cuckold relationship was. the things I did naturally, or wanted to do at the time were only fantasy for most, or played out, I did just to do it, in part one to humiliate BF/ hubby and to see if he would let me do it.

        In ways I wish I knew about the lifestyle to get most on video, if possible, because most wouldn’t believe it. wouldn’t believe that I just did it, because it was hot and fun. thinking I had to see something from porn or some web page. But in 1998 I was just graduating when we met. and by 1999 I was already do things lol.

        so, after everything most people’s fantasies which were my realities, humiliation, degrading, boyfriends, group fun, breeding’s, chastity, cbt, banding, lol what’s next? is there a next? or is this where I just finishing sissifying my cuckold, divorce him because he was always way too small, and it doesn’t work. and just marry a black guy which was what I always wanted plus that’s all I’ve been with sexually.

        If there’s more too it maybe ill get it on video before I finalize it. but really would love to hear what you guys have for a next stage.

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          I was first a cuckold in the mid 1970’s. I had no idea about being a cuckold. We tried swinging and I found out I was more turned on by the idea of my wife being with another man, than me being with another woman. Never anything bi. I read something in Penthouse forum about a man watching his wife with another man and He said he was a cuckold. I said ok, I am a cuckold. Later on I found out more accurately I am a wittol. All wittol’s are cuckold, but not all cuckolds are wittol’s. A wittol is a man who is aware of and for what ever reason is tolerant of his wife’s infidelity. All cuckolds are not aware of wife’s infidelity.

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