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        karlsson, the swede

        the swede, lets call him karlsson, was someone i found on AFF (asian friend finder), an online meet portal.

        the swinging parties, we attended were great but after a bit, we felt that it was somehow impersonal and that we were missing something (and there are always a few idiots in the crowd).

        i wont deny i had fun. there was a session with 8 couples AND MY WIFE, actually organised a game where i would lose and the ‘punishment’ was that all 8 women would have to sit on my face!!!!! she actually did this to me. most of the guys were so jealous. i mean it was great tasting 8 different pussies. after that i asked my wife which woman was number 5 (as i was blindfolded) as her pussy tasted great. i waited for her partner to get engrossed with someone else before i made a beeline for her. i complimented her on her pussy and in 30 minutes i was back on it.

        At the same time I discovered that I had more fun watching someone fucking my wife rather than me exploring the playing field. The exploration was good but I was beginning to discover my cuckold side.
        So we got in touch with some of the guys we came into contact with, all whites (wife’s preference) and also some from the AFF website.

        The first was a Swedish fella. Tall, good looking and blonde, from aff. i had met him pvtely on 3 occasions, satisfied all our requirements (medical etc) and arranged for a friday nite at our house. i left early from work, and prepped the place. we decided to play in the hall. i placed a big queen mattress and 2 smaller single mattress, next to a big day-bed (chaise-lounge) and the sofa. it was a wonderful play area. my big screen tv was playing porn vids etc etc……

        the swedish guy (karl for short) was very cool and relaxed, well-mannered and very polished. not over anxious and very obviously has some experience in 3somes and more.
        he walked into the house and was very surprised with the play area. he said ‘WOW!!’
        such a large play area he echoed. i mentioned that my wife said that she was looking for a good time tonite. she took him upstairs and showed him the bathroom for a shower while i broke out a bottle of wine and some beers.

        He came down the stairs in a large bath towel while we both lay in the hall. my wife was in a simple small, short sun dress
        we sat down for drinks and before long, i asked my wife to sit next to him. he began caressing her her shoulders and while he was doing that, we could see his cock rising neath the towel.
        my wife asked him to stand up and when he did, she removed the towel and staring right at her face (she was sitting on the chaise-lounge) was a nice hard 7in (i think) veined cock.

        she began kissing it and soon had it in her mouth. this went on for a bit until he lay down on the sofa and she knelt on the mattress and continued sucking him, something she loves doing, esp big cocks. with her ass in my face, i lifted her dress and noticed that she was wet and i applied my mouth to her pussy.
        after a bit, i suggested that he fuck her as she was ready and wet.

        i grabbed some olive oil and rubbed it on my wife, and then i began on the swede. he was surprised with this but later admitted to me that he began introducing in all his sexcapades. it does wonders to the atmosphere. the other thing is i enjoy these things.

        but bee said no! i want him to cum first, she said. whooahhh!!!

        karl said that he can cum anytime and i asked him to do so please. i went up to watch her closer and in between her sucking, she kissed me, and i could taste his cock on her lips and tongue. this continued for a bit and after a while he stood up with my wife kneeling below him and he came…….
        she stuck her tongue out as the first stream hit her tongue into her mouth. 2nd stream on her cheek, 3rd her lips and then she just swallowed his cock and i could not count the streams, just his pulsating balls.
        with that he flopped on the sofa. my wife looked at me and i used my finger to wipe the cum off her cheek and face and put it in her mouth. still looking at her smiling and happy face, she then kissed me deep and long. i tasted his cum on her mouth…….and she began to lick my face.

        i went down on bee and she was already randy at this point. so i asked him to doggie her. i was sincerely doing this was selfish reasons and in a matter of minutes i crept under her in a fucklicking position.

        the fucklicking position is utterly amazing. and this was a much thicker and longer cock than mine so it was doing great things to her pussy. her juices were flowing and i could feel the spray everytime he pushed in and i told him, ‘karl, she likes it, harder’. and he went harder. and so too the spray. the action was just millimetres from my face and i had a raging hard on. she sucked it every once in a while but i wasnt focused on that and in truth, neither her.

        under her, i pulled his thighs closer and his balls was flopping on my face and at some point i reached and took it all in my mouth as he fucked her. i really cant say at this point whether bee noticed/saw all this or even if she cared. the truth is, all of us were lost in our own worlds. i played this scenario in my head countless times –

        1. karl – he wasnt sure what he was getting into. he met me three times, i requested for all and sundry, and finally ended up fucking my wife, while his balls were in my mouth. he was attracted to bee, i know from his mannerism. bee was nice. sexy, great cock sucker, and the kind that swallows it all. no spitting out. he struck gold.
        2. bee – this blonde handsome swede is fucking me like hell. great cock, nice enough body, well-mannered gentlemen. is my hubby the best or what?
        3. me? – im in heaven

        so this fucklicking goes on for a bit. im very comfortable but then the swede had to say he’s cumming. shit. of course, creampies was never on the table at this point yet. i asked him to cum on her back. he did. he shot all over her while i licked his balls and felt it pulsate. after a fell on my face, still semi hard and i put it in my mouth. it was just great. i could taste his sperm, her juices, olive oil, sweat and the kitchen sink, everything. just glorious. and with my sucking, he actually shot 2 more spurts in my mouth. he pulled out, i climbed out from under bee and went straight to kiss her and sno-ball the sperm into her mouth. still laying on her front, i lay on her back, with his sperm on her and entered her from behind and fucked her until i came.

        we took a break in the kitchen. during the break i told karl that i want him to fuck bee on the dining table which he agreed. we moved to the hall again. soon after, his cock began to get hard – as we were chatting about the threesome porn we were watching on the tv. again, my wife knelt down and began sucking him. she loves doing this and go on and on. he wanted to fuck her and in 1 easy movement, lifted her and gently placed her on his lap, facing away from him and began to maneuver his cock into her pussy. i was on the floor and moved closer., i held his cock and put it in my mouth to wet it and positioned it at her pussy, held her leg open guided it into her pussy. this was so fucking erotic. guiding someones cock into my wifes pussy.

        so there i was helping this swedish guys cock enter my wife again and then supported her legs apart as he began fucking her. just incredible. it was so fucking arousing to see my wifes legs wide open, and this swedish guy between her legs pumping furiously as i held her legs wide open for him.

        this was perfect. my wife on her back……legs raised and me holding her legs open. i absolutely love looking at her face he fucked and occasionally our eyes locked. it was so fucking erotic. Then he got up and said, ‘take your wife’. he handed her to me…….both her legs on my left arm, my right arm under her back and armpits, and her arms went around my neck. well my wife is a slender woman so this was not a problem but i was wondering what was going on…..he got me to walk backwards and asked me to rest against the wall and said, ‘get comfortable’. then he took his cock and slid it up my wifes pussy.

        so i am standing, cradling my wife in my arms and this swede was fucking her. AND IT BLEW MY MIND. it was bloody stimulating and so erotic. the mrs was going crazy with pleasure as he was pumping furiously at this point. just out of this world.

        my wife had orgasmed twice and then he said he was about to cum. we had not practised creampies yet so he pulled out and come all over her body. he shot a load on my chest too and after a bit his convulsions began to subside and he flopped on the sofa.

        my wifes body was glistening with sweat and his sperm and i carried her to the bed and rubbed our bodies together, now slick with his sperm in between us. my cock was throbbing at this point and i pushed it in her wet pussy and began fucking her. it was unbelievably erotic.

        i think he came 4 times that night. sensational night. i had spent hours upon hours looking up porn sites for the position Karl taught us but i have yet to come across it. i really think it was special.

        we continued till the wee hours of the morning and he finally left about 4pm. he came 2 more times, i came 3 times. bee? uncountable. he became a regular with us.

        for the next session, i convinced my wife to let him creampie. she agreed and set about working on the date……but thats another story….


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