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        Looking for some advice. Wife is 40, had been on the pill for 20yrs until 5 years ago. We finally have a steady bull she loves and adores but he refuses condoms and is always a deep cummer. He enjoys the risk taking and he would love to get her pregnant. A few months ago we had a pregnancy scare with a miscarriage at 4 months. We decide 5 years ago children were not for us and I had a vasectomy. Our abortion beliefs would prevent an abortion and we had talked about keeping it if she had carried to term. We really dont want a baby and looking for a discreet birth control method. Going back on the pill at 40 isnt a healthy option and wife thinks he will feel an IUD or diaphragm as he is often hitting her cervix. He would obviously discover any patch as well. We are kind of backed into a corner, Wife and I share the same family doctor and she performed my vasectomy with my wife present and we would like to avoid the conversations with her for obvious reasons. Plan B isnt a long term solution and feel an injection is the only logical route but just wondering if anyone has any options or experiences with this or any method that might be a better option.
        Any comments or advice would be welcomed.

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          Go to a different Doctor. Both my wife and I have been “fixed”. Better to be safe than sorry. 🙂

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          Cathy & Jerry

            I know this is an old forum but I just have to comment. Doctors aren’t allowed to say anything to anyone about their patients. Find a different doctor if you’re not at ease with telling him/her about your lifestyle. Explain that this is your lifestyle and you want to avoid a pregnancy and that the usual forms of stopping pregnancy is not an option, you’ll find what you want/need to keep your wife’s lover inseminating her as he should be but without the final outcome.

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