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        Hello all,
        For some background, I’m a relatively new cuck (4-5 years) but my wife and I have done cuckold-related things since our teens, so it’s been a theme. She’s had some flings over the years and has been seeing someone new recently, which has been great. I’ve been PIV-free for 19 months now, but I do go down on here often and we cuddle, etc. We do not french kiss anymore, which was her thing but I embraced it and it is erotic. As for how I release, well, I am a “chronic masturbater” and yesterday my wife found an old shirt in my office that had seen quite a few loads honestly. She looked at me with an angry/disappointment look for a while, longer than 30 seconds and then she goes You need a chastity device. She asked what I thought and I was so caught off guard, I don’t even think I said anything. She said was an addict to jerking off.

        I feel like I have made my masturbation the focus of my sexual pleasure, other than going down on her, yet it seems like that’s not good for cucks? I’ve read that if I stopped masturbating I will be more subservient to her, which is intriguing, but won’t have I have blue balls all the time? If anyone was locked up due to masturbation I’m curious what changed specifically after you got locked and stopped jerking. Thanks everyone!

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        Cathy & Jerry

          You won’t know that you have blue balls until the moment you ejaculate again after a long time of abstinence. The moment you start ejaculating the pain hits you like a hammer lol. So if you stop masturbating and keep away from it you’ll never experience it.

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              Thanks for your reply.

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