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        Its been pretty quiet the past few months, I only had one meet up with a couple I’ve known for years and that was several months back. But for me it’s about quality over quantity every time.

        Last week I finally got to have a date with CoupleOxford from here, we’ve been talking off and on for about a year. Now I had spoken to both of them but mostly the hubby but I could always tell she was a bit nervous. Excited, yes, interested in more, yes, but still nervous.

        So our first date was a coffee shop so nice and neutral, no pressure. To be honest I wasn’t sure if she’d have the confidence to show up but I was pleased when she did.

        She looks even better in person, so petite and a smile that gave me an instant erection. I’m sorry Jo but it did.

        We talked about this and that, about the scene, why I enjoy being a bull, what her feelings are about being a hotwife, her nerves, what excites her. I could tell she had enjoyed her few experiences to date and she loved some of the kinks she’d discovered along the way but she still gets nervous around new guys and she is still a bit nervous about how much she enjoys it. It’s like a feeling of guilt for enjoying it so much.

        Anyway, 15 minutes later we’re being quite flirty when she asked me if I wanted another coffee or go back to her place. Totally out of the blue, I wasn’t expecting that but I’m not going to turn down even a sniff of an offer so I drank my coffee quickly and we heading back to her place.

        Darren was still at work and so the house would be empty. I still was making no assumptions about what would happen but once inside she started to look a bit nervous which told me she was expecting more. So I went close to her, held her close and kissed her. Finally I asked her if she wanted to show me the bedroom and she just nodded and smiled and led me up the stairs.

        Once there we undressed each other and WOW, she has a great little figure. She tastes great but she was very eager to taste me so I let her show off her oral skills which she did with passion. I could have lay there and cum and be quite happy but I thought I’d press my luck and see if we could have sex.

        She passed me a condom as we continued to kiss, I was working my cock closer to home. Normally I wear condoms but I’d been looking forward to Jo for so long I really wanted it natural. Eventually I was sliding in and she said just purred and said I could forget the condom.

        Somehow, and I don’t know how, I managed to last for over 20 minutes. I was horny as hell before we met, I was in heaven from the moment we met, we tried a few positions but I was still manage to last a reasonable time. I told her I was about to cum and she said I could choose where but she’d prefer me orally so I obliged her, I am a gentleman after all. Now D had told me she likes the cream but she lapped it up like it was her favourite dessert.

        We called D up after, I wanted to involve him and Jo wanted to make sure he was part of the experience to. He was really excited so I was pleased. For me it’s about giving them both something special.

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          Wonderful to hear of successful meets by Bulls and couples on this site!

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              Wish you lived near my Hotwife! You sound like a terrific Bull.

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