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      Mistress C

        We are a Femdom couple, and our move to Florida is taking longer than expected, so we will be still in NY for several months.
        So I/we are looking for bull/lover who understands the lifestyle and is not looking for casual hit & runs. We want an ongoing regular situation if chemistry is there.
        Only interested in those age 50 & up and vaccinated and disease free.
        If writing, introduce yourself and what experience you have

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          I’m a 54 yo DWM who has been playing a bull role for a 40 yo Philly couple the last 2 years. we don’t get together that often (about once a month) due to schedules (they have two young kids). Hubby is more into cuckolding than wife. Wife just like having a cock that satisfies her I think, lol. I am not far from NYC. 6″ 190 professional, discreet, like taking a wife in front of hubby. Something very erotic and primal about it. Rick fastest response is email randyw22223 at the Y place

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          Mistress C

            Hello Randy,
            Thanks for writing
            For us its not about the sex, its more the mental play that is part of it. So we enjoy someone who can approach it from the fetish aspect.
            My husband is not submissive to other men “except” when we do this play. He does not do any oral on a man, but will do whatever I tell him to do.
            But the problem will be we do not live in NYC, we are about 90 mile NW of NYC upstate.
            So if that presents a problem, then it may not work.
            When I receive your reply, I will then contact you via yahoo if I feel we should speak further

            Mistress C

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              too far…good luck!

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              Mistress C

                Update: Due to some unforeseen medical issues, temporary, my husband isn’t able to satisfy my needs at this time other than oral and will be kept locked in chastity. So if you are a bull who can come to Hudson Valley area of NY, then lets talk and see if we should meet. Fla move has been put on hold for now

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                  Hello MistressC,
                  I would like the opportunity to chat and hopefully come visit you. I have the ability and flexibility to visit the Hudson Valley area a regular basis. How can we chat and learn more about each other and your desires and needs?

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                    Mistress C

                      I believe we have spoken some time ago, I don’t remember how far we got into discussion. So send me a private message and lets see where we are at

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                          Yes you are correct we chatted here last year.
                          I do not know how to send a private message here any longer so here is a email address for me,
                          i look forward to hearing from you.

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                      Mistress C

                        No longer looking in NY as we are moving to central Fl in a month

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                        Mistress C

                          No Longer in NY…Moved to Florida Don’t know how to delete posting

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                          Mistress C

                            Update: We are all settled in Florida now. Seems we can’t delete this post

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