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        Hi all.
        My wife has cheated on me in the past. She thinks I know of only one time she cheated, this she confessed to once to me, saying she did it because she was upset at me and wanted revenge. She cheated on me with her ex-boyfriend.
        But I know of other more recent events.
        She refuses to cuckold me in the traditional manner – with my knowledge I mean. It seems to be more of a thrill for her to do it behind my back so she doesn’t have to admit to me what a slut she can be with other men.
        I have offered her the chance to cuckold me many times, so she is aware of my fantasy to watch her with other men and then to perform a clean-up on her….and him if he’s into that sort of thing. But she has always refused, so far.
        So, as a kind of consolation prize, I share some of the nude and seminude photos of her with other guys, some are friends others are strangers. They are usually very appreciative and tell me all the dirty things they want to do to her and her to do for them.
        It partly satisfies my desire to be cuckolded.
        I wondered how many Bulls or even cuckold husbands out there in the community would like to have sex with her given the opportunity? see pic.

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          If she has been fucking other guys, yes you are a cuckold. Congratulations!

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            love he big ass and hanging round tits…i love to smack her ass

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