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        Several years ago my wife insisted that I have a tattoo to mark me as her cuck, and following her suggestion I had a pair of antlers tattooed on my left thigh. That satisfied her for a while, but then she decided that I have three gender symbols tattooed just above my penis. Are there any other cucks who are “branded” on the forum?

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          i have seen photos of the antlers tattoo and it is very attractive. Cannot imagine the others though. Could you post photos, maybe not yours but the picture that the tattoo artist used?

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            Yes. I am, as my wife calls it, branded. I call it being marked. It’s a tattoo of her name with an apostrophe “s” and then the word cock (Example: “Xxxxx’s Cock”). I’ve posted more about my tattoo on the Submissive Husbands/Cuckold Tattoo discussion.

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