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        Hi guys,

        I was going through some old posts by Luvr and came across thus one post about retiring a cuckold’s penis.

        This thought came in my mind that its always the case that a man’s penis is only useful to and its purpose is for one thing only: ‘women’. If its able to satisfy a woman then the guy gains confidence and has potential to be seen as a bull. If not then he’s declared a beta.

        Thus why not men should take this as their responsibility to get validated by women once he goes fully though the puberty? His penis should still be referred to as a penis unless he’s proven it worthy to be of use to women and therefore promoted to a cock. If not then it must be retired as a sex organ and accept his fate as a cuckold. Marry a woman ans serve her for life.

        And since he’s beta by nature and attempted to take pleasure from women then punishment must be served and he must be trained to be caged into chastity.

        Let me know if you liked my thoughts and share yours too. Opinions and thoughts from the Ladies would be welcomed and highly appreciated.

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          A very hot fantasy, I think!
          Just wondering what the rating of the penis would look like?
          I mean, it can’t be enough to simply judge him by a few measurements, can it? That is certainly part of it, but there are many other criteria, subjective ones and objective ones which are subjective and objective

          Since I am a technical philosopher through and through, I would first like to deal with the hard, measurable facts: the objective Part.
          I came up with a technical system that should reflect the performance. I would love to read thoughts, suggestions and questions about it.

          Preparation for the procedure of technical measurement and classification:
          The young man is kept absolutely chaste in a specially equipped cell for 5 days under 24-hour permanent observation. During this time: no internet, no possibility to touch the penis or other stimulable zones, no contact with the outside world except over the intercom for instructions or questions. This one has a genderless computer voice.

          During this time, he has to pursue standardized activities and daily routines that have no sexual content whatsoever. Immediately before the measurement, he will be sedated on a special piece of furniture designed for that measurement so that the chastity belt can be removed, the penis can be washed and the measuring devices can be put on. The main purpose of his sedation is that he cannot receive any false irritation. He gets VR glasses and headphones.

          Now the measuring apparatus is slipped over the penis and gets adjusted to its flaccid size.

          Then the measurement run is started as soon as the boy wakes up.

          Now the purely technical sexual performance of the penis or its wearer is determined. His sexual specs, so to speak.
          This includes answering the following measurement steps:

          1.) How quickly does his penis swell to its full size with normal arousal?
          2.) What is the maximum hardness on the shaft and glans, measured at defined measuring points?
          3.) How long can he keep the erection above a certain level of hardness without further sexual stimulation, just through the power of his own thoughts?
          4.) What are his absolute dimensions when erect? Length, diameter and circumference in 3 places
          5.) How long can he suppress an orgasm with standardized stimulation of the glans and without audio-visual stimulation?
          6.) How long does it take to be productive again after an orgasm?
          7.) What amount of sperm does he produce during the first and second orgasm (+ laboratory test for sperm quality)

          Carrying out the measurement procedure:

          It must be ensured that the measurement only begins when the subject’s penis is absolutely flaccid and his cognitive capacity is not restricted by drugs, fatigue or similar events.

          The measuring device must be reset to zero before starting the measurement.

          Measuring the reaction of the penis to sexual stimuli is to be carried out 3 times:
          First measurement with straight audio-visual stimulation (Step 1 & 2)
          (Cooldown until the penis is completely relaxed)
          Second measurement in gay audio-visual stimulation (Repeat Step 1 & 2)
          (Cooldown until the penis is completely relaxed)
          Third measurement with straight audio-visual stimulation (Repeat Step 1 & 2)
          (No cooldown, continuation of the measuring process with Step 3 – 7)

          Note: Even pure gay men are only exposed to straight stimulation during the third measurement! Finally, the goal of categorization is to determine the subject’s suitability for active sex with women. Passive sex, for example with the woman’s bull, or feminization are not part of the consideration!

          In order to determine the ability to regenerate after an orgasm, the measurement is repeated at certain time intervals after the end point (orgasm with sperm release). When the penis has reached at least 80% of the previously measured values Step 1 & 2, it is considered to have regenerated and the elapsed time is recorded.
          Note: There is no need to proceed with step 3 and further!

          The test person remains on the measuring furniture for 3 hours and the measurement is repeated every hour. If the third measurement remains below 80%, the subject is obviously not particularly capable of regeneration and the measurements can then be taken at a greater time span, hence the person can get released now, gets its chastity cage put on and is placed back in the cell. Now the measurement is repeated every 3 hours until it is successful. During the waiting times, the test person is treated in exactly the same way as in the 5-day preparation period. Only the procedure of sedation, washing and so on can now be omitted.

          The resulting technical values are:

          a) Time curve [a] Surface pressure grams per square cm
          b) Time curves of erection acceleration in % per second, each for female stimuli (curve [b1]) and male stimuli (curve [b2]
          c) Passive erection retention [c] in seconds
          d) Full erection regeneration capacity [d] in hours
          e) Amount of sperm at orgasm 1 [e1] and 2 [e2] in ml
          f) Sperm quality category [f1] to [f4] (severe – moderate – mild – normal oligozoospermia)
          g) general sexual orientation straight to gay [g], category 1(straight) to 5(gay) determined by evaluating the two time curves [b1] female stimuli and [b2] male stimuli

          It remains to be continued here how these values could flow into an adequate classification key.

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