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        My wife has always been distrustful about any activity involving anal play. But recently, circumstances allowed me to perform analingus on her. She indicated that she enjoyed the activity, and further allowed me access to perform cunnalingus.

        Unfortunately the next day, she told me that there was a problem and that her vagina was shut down. She believes that I may have caused her ailment by performing both acts in the same night.

        I don’t disagree with her thought, but I’m hopeful that I can find a way to safely integrate both acts in our play as much as possible.

        Is there a safe cleanser for both the vagina and the mouth? Also the cleanser should be something that can be applied quickly- often a mood can evaporate after just a few seconds of thought.

        I thought about mouthwash like Listerine or something, but I have no idea about alcohol or sugar on the vagina.

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          Well, first of all it depends on how deep you put your tongue in her rear hole and how clean she was when you did it. And of course how deep you dipped your tongue in her vagina afterwards.

          Without knowing your tongue, I find it hard to believe you could pick up much from her butt hole, and if you did it mostly got washed in salvia off before you started licking her vagina. Cross contamination is far more likely if you did anal and then vaginal intercourse with her.

          I’m not recommending mouth wash in any kind – you risk bringing this strong stuff into her vagina and kill the natural bacteria cultures and acid balance there, which would be far more severe for her vaginal health.

          The simplest advise may in fact be to start with her vagina and only do analingus as the last thing, then everything should be safe

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          easy going

            I thank you for your quick response, it put my mind at ease.

            That said, I can’t imagine that the feminine body is so balanced that any tiny tip of the scale would cause a major hiccup! I mean the hiney and vaginy are so close together that this problem should occur much more often than just on exceptional nights!

            But, also I respect her body fully, and I just want to be safe and not cause her harm.

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