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        So before I get started I have to share that of my story. I grew up in a fairy conservative Household. I have never had sex with a man until I was married. The man i’m married was also a virgin. We’ve been happy for about twelve years together. Then about three years ago we moved from our home country to canada. I felt like there was something missing. I don’t know if it was the loneliness or not having my old support base or friends that I started reading erotic literature online. Play the time this started awakening you’re feeling and desires inside of me.

        I Have now found myself talking to men online and thinking about downloading a dating app. My husband is a very religious man, and none of this would be supported by him. I know it’s probably not right to do it discreetly I can’t see any other way.

        So I’m here wanting to share my story as I begin to search for the next part of my life

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          Hi there
          Thank you for sharing. I know it will have taken some to get to this point. You are among friends here who will either want to help you indulge or hear about your adventures.
          It will be great to hear about your fun. I am too far to help directly.
          Kind regards
          I xx

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              Thanks for that. I think I am going to start by making a dating profile online somewhere and find if there is someone I can connect with

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                Cathy & Jerry

                  The number one best website (we’ve been on over 30) is Ashley Madison. It’s a website specially created for married women looking for a lover. Men have to pay to join and they have to pay to send messages, women don’t pay for anything at all. You can create a profile on there and then see how it works for you. There are far less of the idiots just looking for chat or photographs than there are on the other sites that are mainly free. Sure there are a few but nothing like the others. I (Cathy) have found my last four lovers on there and my most recent one I’ve been with for over 4 years and I have fallen very much in love with him which my cuckold husband very much loved to see. Be choosey and you’ll find that lover you truly desire, trust me 🙂

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