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        Just thought we’d pop on and say hello…Mel & Tony here from the UK, been together 27 years now started out swinging about 25 years back but also discovered BDSM at the same time so the swinging soon became cuckolding and then IR cuckolding, not that Mel is exclusive to BBC she just likes big be they whatever colour…

        Nowadays we mostly meet guys from a swinger site, Mel tends to have 1 boyfriend, she will often keep them for a long time, one guy Keiren around 11 years another Steve for 3 years, with a boyfriend she will do overnights, weekend breaks that type of thing, then on top of that she has various fuck buddies, sometimes one or two other times as many as six or seven, we are lucky to work for ourselves and have as part of our business a couple of mid size industrial units, we have a bed sit in one of them so that we can find time to see the various guys and of course fit in with when guys are free…

        So over and above that myself (Tony) has been chaste since the 26th November 2010 this is kind of a crossover from our female led relationship and our cuckold relationship..

        Regards cuckolding we do it all ways, I sometimes get to watch, sometimes I get to listen, and sometimes only get to take part in the getting her ready part, I couldn’t pick which I prefer, all are excellent, she will often make me audio recordings as she fucks and sometimes little mini video clips, I am a very happy man…

        so there we have it, hello all, hope you are all enjoying the lifestyle..

        Tony&Mel xx

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