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        “I’m not putting your husband down or anything,” said Gabby. But he was not who I pictured you with. I mean he’s nice, but he Isn’t the type of man I thought I would see when you said your husband is coming. I expected to see this big, tall manly man.”

        There were 6 of us who met for lunch. These were all people who I heard about but never met. After I was introduced to everyone, we all sat down and watched and listened to everyone talking. I noticed Gabby Watching me intently when every I would speak. Something about her intimidated me. I got the feeling that she was sizing me up. She struck me as type that had issues with men, or at least though that men should “know there place”. In any case, I was guarded and exceedingly polite. I do that when I’m uncomfortable. I get very formal and polite.

        After lunch was over, we all went out our separate ways. Two days later I’m having a random conversation with my wife. From the kitchen she told me that her friends were asking how her weekend with Chris went. I was getting irritated and turned on that she was being so open about the details. My wife often studies me when she is twisting the knife.
        “So, I told Tracy that we were basically undressed the entire time. Two full days with no cloths and how he just wanted it like all the fucking time. She wanted details and then asked about you.” My wife said.
        My wife said that Tracy though it was hot, especially after she told her how I had to stay home know and take care of the house know where she was at. And that’s also when she mentioned Gabby. That caught my interest. “She already has you pegged” teased my wife. “What do you think she would say if I told her about you?”

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          That was hot

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            Wanna hear something crazy. People joke that I’m like one of the girls. I’m not gay and I don’t cross dress or anything, but I enjoy being around them and being part of them, they accept me and get this. They don’t think twice about being undressed in front of me and with wife doesn’t even trip.

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