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        Hi there, I am Sam a hot wife and I am owned by my Bull. I am married to my cuck hubby who is not aware that he is a cuck. Basically we are cheating on him and he has not found or converted officially to a cuck. All of us are the same race (Indians) myself and bull have been enjoying this lifestyle for past 9 years. What we do may not be morally acceptable for a large part of the society, however we are fully aware of consequences of such a relation and ready to take care of any repercussion it may have in future.

        Just to share our story, my bull and me we met in college where he was my boyfriend for about 3 years. We split after graduation and i met hubby after a few year. We got married and settled into a normal married life. Comparing to the sex i had with my bull, my hubby was not even comparable, he had a very highly sensitive penis which would cum in a few minutes and was not interested in foreplay.

        We met a few months after our marriage and kept meeting each other.. and one day we had sex again. It really rejuvenated me that what i was missing in my life and started to see him more frequently, from there on our cuck lifestyle started.
        Whenever my cuck was out of town I started going off birth control and eventually got pregnant. My bull was ready to take responsibility but i did not want my cuck to be disappointed, so we kept it away from him. After birth of our 1st child, i started seeing my bull again and got knocked up and had my second child the next year.

        Again we repeated the process of the third child but accidentally got knocked up by my hubby and i had to abort the child to avoid his kid. We decided to stop this lifestyle and my bull got married to antoher lady. He and his wife had a baby in the next year. My cuck hubby started pressuring me for a thrid child and i had to go back to my bull, then again the problem with BC , so it took us some time to conceieve. I had to fake ilness during my fertile period to avoid been bred by my hubby.

        Its been a year since our 3rd baby we are looking for the 4th one and trying, we have moved from pills to spermicidal cream for BC so that will be more effective. We are also planning to feed my cuck hubby with estrogen so that he will be rendered completely infertile.

        We plan to continue this life style still nature says i cant make anymore babies (i guess i have 10 years left). Call us mean, crazy or whatever…. this is our life and we enjoy it…
        Thanks for the support in advance.

        I am putting up my pic for you guys to see.

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          It is a kind of cuckolding but the most dishonest and disgusting way of it.

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            Thats what exictes us more

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              You are evil.

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                Thanks for the judgement…

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                  Thanks for sharing.
                  But what about loving and being a soul mate for each other?
                  I’m a classic guy in a classic relation and would not like my spouse to be hiding things from me (certainly not origin of children…)
                  I’m afraid I don’t get your dynamic,
                  Best of luck anyways,

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                    Thanks for the response Felix.. but then each to their own on morals in my opinion. May be someday I will tell him.

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                        I love this lifestyle too, want my wife to have our kids all from other men, and yes this is our choice my wife and I , and also the guys who plug my wife for me.

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                            Thanks Chasmiller

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                          Chasmiller, I support your lifestyle choice of wanting your wife to have other men’s babies 100%; especially since your wife and her fuck buddies also want your wife to have her fuck buddies babies and not yours. I think this is much different than Sameer’s choice because she is intentionally deceiving her husband about fucking other men and even worse she is having her fuck buddy’s babies and leading her husband to believe they are his babies. If that is not bad enough she even aborted her husband’s baby that she was having because she did not want to have he husband’s baby.

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                              Thanks Bob for your response

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                              Sameera, You are welcome. Thanks for posting your way of cuckolding your husband. I believe there are millions of men in our country that do not know they are cuckolds because they have not caught their wives cheating on them. I found out I was a cuckold when I discovered that my wife was cheating on me.

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                                  Good to know about you bob, this was few months back when I wrote about this, but nowadays my hubby is aware of my affairs, but is kind of non active, but i dont know strangely i keep fantasizing that I am cheating on him still, its a big turn on for me.

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                                  Interesting story so far, I’ve a question do you intend to tell later? Although I’m not planning to do the same but I wish you the best of good

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                                    Sameera, I am glad that your husband is aware of your affairs. Does he know that he is not the father of your babies?

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